Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Wealthy for an Hour or Two.

My Mother accidentally put one hundred and thirty thousand dollars into my personal checking account. Thank God she told me before I checked my balance, I might have had a heart attack. I usually only have a couple hundred dollars in there. This is the money to pay off the loan on my buildings in Palm Springs. I had to live off of credit cards when my ex ran off and left us a few years ago. Then I had to pay off the credit cards but my credit wasn't good enough, or I was too stupid, to get a regular loan, so I did what's called a hard money loan and borrowed from loan sharks. Well, not really, it's not like the Mafia where they break your legs if you fall behind on your payments, it's just the bottom of the loan barrel, in terms of loans, although you know pickles from the bottom of the barrel are the best.

Anyway when you borrow from funky lenders they rip you off, but most people in these kinds of situations are pretty desperate and about to lose a property or some other serious kind of thing so they are willing to pay anything in fees, points, and interest, just to get the money and forestall financial disaster, which is essentially what I did. Now that I have some money from my Father my Mom wanted to pay off the loan, I'm paying sixty dollars a day in interest alone on this thing. The frightening thing is that the money I got from my Dad has now been reduced by one hundred and thirty thousand dollars, which means much less income to live on. God how stupid could a person be? I just wish I knew I could have gone to my Mother in the first place, but when it comes to money, she isn't exactly easy to deal with, so how could I have known. I thought she would have a stroke if she knew I put a loan on my building.

So now I have to write a check to her, and she has to write a check to the bank, and they will write a check to good old money robbing Carlton Financial, which is just a woman and her daughter living in an apartment in Huntington Beach.

I didn't schedule any housekeeping interviews for today because Scott took today off for his birthday. We were originally going to go away for the weekend but with everything I have to do and the little money we have we really couldn't. So we're going to go to the Long Beach Aquarium (sorry Howie, we can always go again though) because that's what Scott wanted to do. I'll kiss creatures for you.

Love you guys,

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