Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

It wasn't just diet that made the vegetarians so much healthier, Dr. Fraser says. "A vegetarian is much more than someone who doesn't eat meat," he points out. "They're much more likely to eat legumes, exercise a bit more, are more health conscious."

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha, laughs Jacqui as she sits on her fat ass comtemplating Entenmans and wondering how she will find the srength to walk downstairs to interview more housekeeper candidates. If only. Soon, my darlings soon, I will be perfect and take over the world, *evil maniacal but health conscious laugh* and piss off all the skinny bikini girls by living an additional ten years.

This was actually a pretty reasonable article. I wouldn't mind adding a "profoundly longer number of years" to my life. It says that you need to be having sex at least once a day in order to acchieve this kind of Okinawan longevity, heh, just kidding, I'm just trying to get my Scott's ummm, attention.

"Compared with other Californians, we found that Adventist men lived about 7.3 years longer and women lived about 4.4 years longer," Fraser tells WebMD. "And for vegetarian Adventists who eat meat [no more than] once a month -- which accounts for about 30% Adventists -- the differences in life expectancy swell to 9.5 years in men and 6.1 years in women. Those are pretty big numbers."

Okay well, I guess that's it for me, time for a sex change operation and a switch in religious affiliations.

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