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Stress, stress, stress, ack, I've been grinding my teeth. I'm sitting here listening to some boring guy tell a ghost/witch story on Art Bell, (sounds a lot like an Anne Rice novel I loved,) and looking for healing crystals and minerals on eBay. Ebay is my dangerous friend.

Someone outbid me on my bleeding Jesus Victorian Crucifix, by an insane amount of money. How dare they! I guess it's for the best, I really couldn't afford it and it scared Beau.

I spoke with the secretary/assistant at my bariatric surgeon's office today. I wanted to make sure I had everything lined up for my appointment this coming Thursday. Turns out I don't have an appointment this Thursday, it's next Thursday. I asked him if my doctor performed the laparascopic version of this surgery and he said no, that he didn't like to do it because it was hard to see what you were doing and it took too long. Good to know. The laparascopic surgery is the way to go. I'd much rather have five or six small key hole incisions, and be able to walk and function in a few days, than one big incision that splits me open from my chest to my navel that takes months to heal, yikes. I can't even believe I just wrote that. I'm getting so much braver about this kind of stuff. I still can't look at any pictures of this surgery. Some stuff is just way too much information para mi.

Dr. Livingston at UCLA, the head of the bariatric surgery department, has a partner Dr. Liu, I think, and he is performing the lap method. I think I'll go for that.

In January when I made the appointment to see the doctor, six months later, that's how busy they were, the woman I spoke with said that you see the doctor and the surgery is scheduled for four weeks away. I seriously thought I would see the doctor this week and then have this life altering surgery in a little over a month. I was worrying about whether I would be able to go to Burning Man in August or not. I was concerned about our trip to Hawaii and thinking I would be there worrying about this. Basically I was doing a lot of worrying. Well, now I can take a wee worry break because these doctors are so swamped that the first surgery date I could get with Dr. L, the midline incision guy, is January of 2003! OMG!!!! They get sixty applications for appointments, and do sixty of these surgeries every day except Sunday, I think. If I go with Dr. Liu I might get lucky and be able to have this surgery by late October. Fine, I'm relieved. It gives me more time to research this and get more adjusted to the idea of going ahead with it.

I have so much more to tell you about the housekeeper search. I've written two long posts about it but haven't been able to post them because things change so fast. Basically I'm down to my last four candidates. They all came by today and I have tomorrow to decide. I'm so confused that I bought four separate astrology compatibility charts and I'm seriously thinking about spinning a crystal pendant over them to see what happens. A sweet older friend of mine made it for me a couple of years ago before he died. He was our glass man and such a lovely being. I miss him.

Well, I've got postcard auctions to browse and I've promised myself I won't let my poor bladder get as bad as I let it get last night, so I'd better be moving along. How are all of you??? I'll come see.
Love you guys,

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