Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Fun With Pets

Thanks everyone for being such good friends. I'm so grateful for your compassion and friendship. I love you!

I'm fine. Today my eyes just feel like I went to the beach on a hot sunny day and forgot to wear sunglasses, as opposed to yesterday when I felt like I'd been skiing for a day and a half without goggles, as opposed to the night before when I felt like all of my eyelashes had fallen out and landed in my eyes.

I just wanted to tell you a couple funny animal related things. Last night Beau and I were sitting in my room upstairs watching a DVD, Black Hawk Down, (the one Oscar nominated movie from last year that I missed, I'm really obsessive about this,) when suddenly we heard this panicked high pitched squealing sound. It went, Ki Ki Ki...Ki Ki Ki...Ki Ki Ki, over and over, like an alarm or siren of some kind.

We looked at each other for a second wondering if it was the squirrels who hang out in the ficus in my patio, or the rats who live in my garage and forage for food under the bunny cages. Oh shit, it sounds like one of the baby bunnies. Mad scramble of naked people for the door. Out of my way Mom I can get down there faster!

Turns out all that unbelievable Ki Ki Ki-ing was coming from this cute, fluffy, white, little baby bunny, the size of a golf ball, (Scott makes fun of my, department of redundancy department, description of bunnies as baby bunnies. They're all bunnies as far as I'm concerned, rabbit just doesn't sound friendly enough,) whose little paw was stuck under the little plastic box where they sleep. Mom had decided to hop on top of the box to take a break from the babies, and this little guy's foot, while not being in any real pain, was kind of pinned underneath.

It would have been fine within seconds but Lord did baby bunny put up a fuss. All babies have a way of telling us when they are uncomfortable. Bunnies are reallllly good at this. I just don't understand how something that small and delicate could make a sound so loud and irritating that it could wake the neighbors, and how Mom could be so dumb as to not at least want to get down and check it out. Maybe she felt the way I did when Beau would cry all night and nothing you did would calm him down, you want to be the perfect Mother to your beloved precious baby but finally your nerves would just frazzle to the point where all that "stupid insensitive callous and cruel" advice of every older Mom you'd ever met, "Just put the baby down and let him cry it out," began to make sense. Maybe this was Mama's version of, "Of for Christ's sake, I've changed you, I've fed you, I've burped you, I've cuddled you. I can't take it any more, here you take him!!!," only in this case Daddy rabbit is thinking, "the Fuck I will, Myrtle, you deal with him"

It was hot last night so I slept on top of the bed without any covers. I sleep naked so my teenager kitten cats had a blast playing with various parts of my body. I finally had to give up and get under the sheets. My nipples are always a particularly fascinating part of my body to kittens. It's no good trying to fall asleep when someone decides to give them a little chew chew chew bite, yeeeouch!!!

I think you remember that I had to put one of my friends to sleep about a week or more ago. Ever since then I've been super paranoid around the babies. Every little sniffle or cough makes me panic. Again, I'm like a worried Mom, constantly checking on them when they're sleeping, looking for the rise and fall of breath. They're getting kind of pissed off and sick of it, like, put me down Mom stop it stop it. This morning when I got up, I was walking by one of my little black teenager cats and he coughed, which of course sends my worried maternal Mamma kitty heart racing. He went, hack, hack, hacka, and then like in some cartoon, he just froze in place and fell over. I freaked!! OMG what's going on!!! He was fine, just being kitty dramatic. It was the weirdest thing, maybe the feline version of putting the back of the hand to the forehead and swooning. So odd. Great, someone's barfing outside my door.

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