Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Shopping and Chocolate Eggs

I'm such a little addict personality type. I'm way too excited about my Japanese food dinner, (white rice with terriyaki sauce, brocolli tempura, a little salad, and a cucumber avocado roll,) the magazines I bought, (Vanity Fair, Time, becuase it has an article about Tom Cruise, Vogue, and something else, I can't remember,) some DVD's we rented, (can't remember which,) and these raisin cookies. I'm also pretty happy about my new Eiffel Tower desk lamp that is now sitting here on my desk beside me, and these boxes of Kinder Surprise eggs that I bought on eBay. I've forgotten which of you lovely bee-ings (so sorry please remind me?) told me about them. They're so much fun, it's a little chocolate egg that comes with all kinds of cute little plastic toys inside. Kind of like Cracker Jack but much better. We don't have them here in the US, I wonder why.

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