Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Fluffy Butt Chicken Cam Bwak

Argh, I let my cockatiel birdies out of their cage so they could have a little break, but now they are flying around the room going bweep bweep bweep, and the ferrets are looking like they're gonna bust out of their cage and eat them any second.

Today was a pretty good day. I'm not feeling too well because I have been keeping some mighty strange sleep hours, and my stomach is upset, so I might have a wee buggy, but otherwise it was a pretty good day. I had a good conversation with my mother where I asked her what she thought we could do about our money issues. I told her that I was tired of playing games and keep away with the money, (thank you Scotty) and having to be a little girl. I asked her what she thought we could do about this and wondered if there wasn't a better way for us to handle our financial relationship. Miracle of miracles inviting her into the solution actually worked this one time. Don't ask me why because I have tried and tried before and she is usually one difficult bundle of Mommy tics and nerves. She likes to bring up all of this craziness and toss it at me to distract me, but I just remained calm and got through it somehow. In the end she agreed to pay for the cats and the phone bill and go with me to help me rent a motor home for Burning Man. What? Am I dreaming? Oh God would somebody please make these birds sing a little more quietly.

I can't believe I'm actually sitting here watching Celebrity Jeopardy.

Beau is mad at me because I don't feel well enough to take him to Soup Plantation. I found out that he drank SEVEN cans of root beer yesterday afternoon! I had no idea until we counted. It's kind of like an alcoholic who always has a drink in their hand, only root beer cans aren't see thru. I feel like such a bad Mom right now. Gee I wonder why my son has a stomach ache, oh I don't know let's see could it be the SEVEN cans of root beer he just had?

Oop time to validate my love of wild red hair by watching Big Brother. I am so addicted to the chicken cam. I am going to take your wonderful help and advice and try to create a link here, yikes. It may not work if you don't ahve AOL though, I think the chicken feed might be exclusive to their users. Okay me try now.


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