Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Beau and I went shopping at Giant Robot today. I parked in the red and crossed in the middle of the block, you know, just to get Beau ready for a law breaking life of crime. We bought stickers, pens, books, and toys, they even had kinder Surprise eggs but we've bought more than we can open with our weary egg opening fingers so we didn't get any. I like Afro Ken with his little rainbow wig, and the little toast people, and the cheese head creatures. They had some great stickers!!! I wish they had more cat and dog choices though. I did not like seeing myself on their web cam. Bleee.

We also saw Lilo and Stitch, it was soooo cute! I am getting so excited about our trip to Hawaii. I love Hawaii so much.

Time to pee, cuddle cats and sleep. Night everyone.

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