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Jacqui is...

I borrowed this idea from Stephanie and it was sooo much fun. I went to Google and did a search for Jacqui is. The phrases that came up were so appropriate for me that it was spooky. Of course I picked my favorites to share with you but there was definitely a trend. Jacqui's were actors, director's, producers, writers, singers, musicians, artists, mothers, florists, psychiatrists, teachers, and smart, responsible, friends. There were also a few athletes, scientists, and real estate agents, oh and a mathematician. This was an amazing lesson in self understanding or in how much influence a name has over a person. You should go try it.

Jacqui is a glamour queen.
Jacqui is one very talented woman.
Jacqui is our trouble shooter/support person.
Jacqui is a singer of warmth, poise and intelligence whose smoky voice is a pleasure to listen to.
Jacqui is a psychiatrist interested in the molecular basis of several different anxiety disorders.
Jacqui is an active member of the New York downtown theater scene as an actor, director and producer for Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway shows.
Jacqui is deeply involved in Irish Set Dancing
Jacqui is an Assistant Dean of Students and the Director of the Victim Advocate Program.
Jacqui is a senior this year and just turned 18.
Jacqui is an active volunteer and advocate who has served the community in a variety of ways.
Jacqui is a full-time staff member and Director of Animal Alliance.
Jacqui is the show's casting director.
Jacqui is the recipient of the International Year of the Volunteer Award.
Jacqui is also smart and always does her work.
Jacqui is here to help YOU become a published writer.
Jacqui is a dedicated and talented artist, making huge leaps within her art.
Jacqui is from Queensland, Australia, where she worked
on Macadamia husk spot disease and other tropical fruit diseases.
Jacqui is a storyteller, dancer, singer, healer and a traditional teacher.
Jacqui is a talented artist/designer and creative.
Jacqui is very professional and competent in her work, and we would certainly use
her services again
Jacqui is a lighthearted original composition by pianist Richie Powell
Jacqui is looking forward to turning all your kids into mega-stars
Jacqui is sitting right next to you, guiding you through the motions.
Jacqui is all quiet until its HER turn to sing!
Jacqui is pictured here showing off her new tattoo, on her right shoulder.
Jacqui is wearing a very sexy black dress with red fish net stockings.
Jacqui is responsible for all external relationships.
Jacqui is not feeling well this morning
Jacqui is not only MORE
beautiful than Sandra, but is also much more talented as well!
Jacqui is in London
Jacqui is more than happy to trade-in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, for the �happy travel shows� she's now able to work on at Pie Town.
Jacqui is the author of several books on Kumihimo
Jacqui is literally half the woman she once was.
Jacqui is currently a M.Sc. Psychology student at UNBC).
Jacqui is a non-denominational minister and
she'll help make your special day fun and easy.
Jacqui is not responsible for cheesy captions, so don't
blame her. (OMG this came from a page Cydniey designed for me a long time ago, too funny.)
Jacqui is the proud parent of a son.
Jacqui is VHI's Coordinator for the Hispanic countries.
Jacqui is an enthusiastic and vibrant person
Jacqui is also at sea for the next four months.
Jacqui is pursuing her film career the best way she knows how Constantly in the spotlight and hounded by paparazzi, she relishes in the rare moments she can spend in the spa with her personal trainer Sven.
Jacqui is a keen "All Blacks" rugby supporter and a fitness fanatic.
Jacqui is acquiring further skills to aid her practice in Balance and Harmony.
Jacqui is, right now, a very angry mangaka.
Jacqui is an entertainer of rare quality, bringing you not only
a great singing voice but playing a range of instruments for your enjoyment.
Jacqui, is having a very difficult time following
the directions. ... Jacqui is getting embarrassed.
Jacqui is standing there looking all innocent and he
turns on the loving husband act and they talk and sort it out.
Jacqui is a prolific papier mache artist.
Jacqui is the Executive Officer of the Gundjehmi Aboriginal Association that represents
the Mirrar clan.
Jacqui is studying the Italian language, which was inspired by several trips to Europe.
Jacqui is often alone.
Jacqui is the Florist in charge of those very lovely and exclusive flowers
Jacqui is hot24/7@myplaceifshewants.com.
Jacqui is a well-known artist.
Jacqui is currently in her second season of producing and directing.
Jacqui is passionate about travel.
Jacqui is familiar with
the needs and demands of production.
Jacqui is no longer cooking alongside Bobby
Jacqui is now concentrating on writing her
own material including both lyrics and melody.
Jacqui is completing a thesis on relationship and
work commitments in contemporary Ireland.
Jacqui is also a good pianist with a spot-on sense of rhythm
Jacqui is eons younger at 40
Jacqui is a very common name but being spelled JACQUI THAT'S JUST WEIRD! ...
Jacqui is Jacqui
Jacqui is the only mother in the Australian netball squad and says that
giving birth made her a stronger person
Jacqui is a wife and a mother.
Jacqui is as good a reporter and interviewer as I have ever met.
Jacqui is in good health with all extremities intact.
Jacqui is also a qualified Hynotherapist and Aromatherapist and is in the process
of publishing her second book on 'Psychic Development'
Jacqui is making me say this or she's gonna
tie me up and whip me AGAIN !!
Jacqui is a revealer and psalmist to the body of Christ.
Jacqui is a graduate in Environmental Science.
Jacqui is the best Mom a person could have.
Jacqui is on the verge of revealing her secret.
Jacqui is one of a few folks who knows how to play.
Jacqui is very strong...the frail build, white skin, red hair and fragile appearance
belie a very tough interior.
Jacqui is a feng shui consultant and harmonious living coach.
Jacqui is so busy and the electricity in China is unreliable.
Jacqui is relatively unusual fare.
Jacqui is collecting interesting archival material.
Jacqui, is a carrier of the disorder.
Jacqui is a licensed clinical social worker
Jacqui is the guiding force
Jacqui is also interested in education.
Jacqui is trying to dry me.
Jacqui is well pleased.
JACQUI is twisting happily
around JACKSON'S arm.
Jacqui is up there
Jacqui is still confident she can overcome her
addiction to not taking cocaine and fit in with her peers.
Jacqui is a slut, plain and simple.
Jacqui is an absolute star
Jacqui is now leaving.
Jacqui is, er, how do I put this? - er, dead!

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