Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I can't remember how to get to my startup items, I always forget this. I'm trying to get to that list of items that are loading in the background while I work and draining my resources. Will someone please remind me??? Thanks soo so much. I am leaning over as usual. Why don't I ever want to go to sleep. I love sleeping. Maybe I'm just lonely and hate sleeping by myself. You'd think that with twenty cats piled on me I wouldn't feel that lonely, but I do, horny and lonely. Horny blech, always looking for a better word, sparkly, twinkly, yearning, panty, something. I've been browsing the button, perfume bottle and oriental figurine categories, yup. I would like to have sex with some kind of green alien goo a la David Bowie right now, mmm hmm, doesn't make sense either because I always hated that scene and felt cheated that we didn't get to see him have normal sex.

I had to switch my surgery appointment to September because I want to go to the doctor who performs the surgery laparascopically. The first surgeon is booking into next February now. This doctor, Dr. Liu, is booking into October or November. God, I'm so sick of waiting, I just want to get this over with.

I'm looking forward to our trip in July to Hawaii. I loooove Hawaii. I'm also looking forward to Burning Man and am having to figure out transportation and costumes.

I'm not looking forward to babysitting Beau's friend Steven all summer. They haven't been getting along well. Steven gets bored, whenever he's here Beau acts wild, but his Mom has this unique and super special way of getting me to say yes to his coming over, argh. I am thrilled, thrilled, and more thrilled that I won't have to deal with Freddy anymore. I was getting sooooooo fed up with him. It's amazing how much seeing a person every day can affect you, his vibe is always so greedy and manipulative, it's hard to separate that out from the part of him that is good and sweet and just wants to be love. He's like this super naughty and troubled kid hidden under this smoochy mama exterior. I do care about him and in a way I will miss him, but it is a huge relief not to have to deal with him everyday anymore now that Saida is leaving. Our new housekeeper/assistant Mirna started Monday and we are showing her the ropes.

Our gardenias are finally blooming and I picked one and have it here in an antique oriental planter. It smells soooo amazing.

Oh and poor baby bunny, the one whose Mama attacked him, he's doing better and we moved him out of my shower but his umm, hurt, is so gross I can't bring myself to describe it to you. Twinkle seems to be doing better but is still a bit fragile and is really thin. I'm convinced that asking for help here made a huge difference. I think it may have saved his life. Mass mind, or group thought is so powerful. I was listening to George Nouri on Art Bell tonight and a caller called in and was talking about group synergy and Edgar Cayce. She recommended a book about creating your future and I'd like to buy it. Okay I'm going to stagger in to bed and try to sleep pee sleep pee sleep.

Okay, okay, it's wintery, but I like the mushrooms.

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