Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I made a list for Scott
This is so weird. Look at how many of these are about music and entertainment.

Scott is
arguably the most well-known and influential unknown composer since the 16th
Scott is cookin.
Scott is a decisive woman who respects talent but favors soul, one whom
carries her spine straight; confidence, high; spirit, risen and pure.
Scott is Tom Jones & Neil Diamond.
Scott is chairman of the powerful Rules Committee.
Scott is a Senior Technical
Consultant at Harvard University .
Scott is geen hype, wellicht hip, hoopgevend zonder meer.
Scott is a great advocate
of honoring centenarians.
"Scott is an amazing actor booth" (That's pretty funny.)
Scott is professor
of music at Colorado College.
Scott is worth
more to the world than many anxious efforts of diplomatists
Scott is Henry Miller in Paris
Scott is a popular first name and last name.
SCOTT is a dad.
Scott is now serving his second term
Scott's is a fine dining supper club situated in Longwood Florida.
Scott is a true Diva. (now that's true, hee hee)
Scott is currently ranked 20th on the Volvo Order of Merit.
Scott is in Enterprise the new Star Trek series.
Scott is now affiliated with Line 6 signal processing as an endorsing artist and
has contributed a track to a solo acoustic guitar compilation CD
Scott is a former journalist, editor,
columnist, book reviewer, corporate executive, and author of ten books.
Scott, is life-long learning a joke?
Scott is a major supplier of quality products.
Scott is continuing his research in all of these areas.
Scott is $150.00.
Scott is Canadian and still lives in Canada.
Scott is weak on the top.
Scott is $65.00.
Scott is most likely one of the most romantic. ... Scott
is the kind of person who is always lending a helping hand.
Scott Is Vindicated and Defended
Scott is a registered
trademark name.
Scott is Proud to Carry the Finest Equipment. (I'll attest to that.)
Scott is an occasionally serious human being. (bwa ha ha ha ha ha)
Scott is $1,275
Scott is updated every Tuesday and Friday.
Scott is a star.
Scott is no exception.
Scott is highly capable of performing a wide variety of music
in a number of venues. (now that's perfect.)
Scott is busy with Vince's boots.
Scott is a singer with some mad skills.
Scott is now an Official TY Retailer.
Scott is able to address a variety of audiences on numerous
topics including.
Scott Is Red Hot and Wailin'
is considered by many to be the finest Scottish love poet before Burns.
Scott is being recognized for his recent book.
Scott is a shooter, someone who knows how to make a film's action move along
Scott is currently starring in a new play
Scott is particularly good at writing resumes for professionals
who speak English as a second language.
Scott is here to stay.
is an excellent teacher. ... Scott is clearly a master in the field.
Scott is able to get across the human side of the cancer experience
like you've never seen before!
is hard at work.
Scott is a weird guy.
Scott is a singer-songwriter and guitar player whose soaring melodies and
captivating tunes have earned him a loyal and quickly growing following.
Scott is a member of the
firm's litigation department.
Scott is without a doubt the most prolific
and accomplished writer of television animation of all time.
Scott is rumored to have a development deal with NBC.
Scott is sexy.
Scott is a featured
singer at PROMISE KEEPERS (Oh God that's funny.)
Scott is an accomplished impressionist with over 300 celebrity and animated voices
in his repertoire
Scott is still my best pal, and nobody makes us laugh
like we do.
Scott is $200.
Scott is investigating how the nervous system controls
the distribution of resistance in blood vessel beds.
Scott is pleased by the way he handled sexuality.


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