Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

What would you take if you only had five minutes to leave?

AOL is asking people what things they would save or take with them if they only had five minutes to flee their homes. I've thought about fire, earthquake, and home invader escape routes, for as long as I can remember. I don't spend much time on the boards at AOL because they are always so disappointingly filled with junior flame bating, and I know I could crush them with a lazy wave of my brain connected to my keyboard via my busy hands, but it isn't worth the time. I do worry about escaping disaster in my home though. I have so many animals, so many precious photographs, memories and mementos, that I wonder how I could possibly pack up and save the best of it if say a tornado, a tsunami, or a fast moving lava flow were approaching. Never mind that we don't have tornados, tidal waves and volcanos here in California, a meteor could land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for all I know and we'd have to head for higher ground. I think about this kind of stuff, been doing it for years, it could be a case of watching way too much TLC, but nevertheless this caught my attention.

I would take my son and my animals, anything living, first. Beyond that I would go for irreplaceable things, family photographs and portraits, my adoption file, checkbook, purse, passports, and all of my digital photos, computer disks and files. I don't think I'd have much more time than it would take to get all of that. I'd probably only get as far as gathering up about half of the animals. I used to think about taking a sheet, spreading it out on the floor, and filling it with whatever was dear to me. I thought about doing that for every room and then carrying them all outside like Santa Claus and dumping them on the lawn. If I had to fit all of this in my car I would be quite simply and utterly fucked. Here are some of the comments I read;

(Hmmm, the phone just rang on the secret, For Scotts Only, line. I answered lovingly, and with a husky, "Hey baby!" and was surprised when a flustered elderly lady responded with a flustered panicky, "I uh, I...ummm, I must have got a wrong number, so sorry." Click.)

I know a lot of these are stupid and I only put them in to make you laugh, but my heart really does go out to all of these poor poor people. I would be devastated and torn apart with grief if this were happening here, so of course I am praying for all of the people, animals, green and living things there.

What would you take if threatened by a fire and you only had five minutes to get out.

Chainsaw, coin collection, important papers, wife, kids. In that order. Toss up between wife and kids.
Everything but aol! They can't suck enough!
I would take my family, my pets, my important papers and get out.......
all other things can be replaced.
I would take my documents my kids and my pictures
I would grab a clothes basket and start piling in pictures, VHS tapes of my kids when they were babies, my vast movie collection, some clothes, my medication, purse, and any electronics I could toss out the window.
would just have to go!
I would take all of my Heroin and Crack Cocaine
I would take my ferret.
Ok...my purse. Whoa, if i forgot that I'd probably die.
Dog, playstation 2, Bigscreen, bike, sterio, tub
I would get my cats and my mom out of the house, without them i would not be able to go on...forget the money and the pictures, money can be made, and memories are always in your heart.
If my daughter is home I would grab her up and the rest could burn.
I would first and formost grab my own happy ass, then I would grab any loved ones in the home, leaving any un-loved ones, and grab of course, my pics of my car.
would grab my ho and go
My Mom, My cat - Snowflake, My book collection, My CPU for my computer... I haven't backed it up, lol
Laptop,cellphone,wallet,passport,water,4x4 keys ,go pick up mom.
Well, since I like to sleep in the buff....defintiely my bathrobe.
I live in phoenix AZ and if my shit was gunna burn down id take my 2ft kaos bong, my pipes, my sack of buds, my cds, my cell phone, my cat and my car keys to my cavalier so i could chill in my car and fishbowl watching my house cash out. And i would thank tha lord for saving my happy ass and the other thousands of people that had to be evacuated.
I would take me and my mom but that is it I know pictures are important but dude if i was gonna die forget it!
I'd take my pictures (porno) and some icey hot to masterbate with.
PS icey hot works good
I'd take Peanut, The Stealth Beagle, Computer Back-ups, Proof of Insurance, 6-Pack of Miller Beer.
Me, my husband. Our book of shadows, skrying mirror, my crystal and our important documents that are in his pack and in the closet.
My rosary beads. God would help me through it...so i would grab them and get out quick.
My favorite monkey.
My Stuffed Dog. My Mom gave me the dog when I turned 3 and I have never slept a night without it.
clean underwear
If I had 5 minutes to flee from my home, I would have sex, then I would grab a pack of cigarettes.
I have two poodles, I would take my 2 dogs & thier leash's. It's a given that my Mom who lives with me would also go.
I would take my PS2 and GameCube!!!!!!!!
Muffins!!!! You have to have muffins while on the run!
I would have to grab my beautiful KB plants. I think i would be lost without them.
Wife, wallet, guns & ammo, extra clothes, bank books and my computer
plenty o' condoms
i would take all of my stash.i figure if its gonna burn im gonna be the one to burn it.
my cock sucking bitch
It is doubtful you have one... You aren't man enuf...
I just assumed he was talking about his dog.
I'd take imporant papers, pictures, the backup of data from computer, important memorabilla, jewerly, the cat and kids, medication, any other items that can't be replaced.
Duh, Id take down all of my Mario posters and Penguins jersies, then id grab my hockey gear and get the hell out of there
I'd take my neighbor's wife.
I would move ALL my crap out of the house and house it in a rental truck until it was safe to go back and rebuild...
You only have five minutes, can you get a truck that fast? How many other people have already rented a truck? Are there any left?
My Cindy Crawford bikini posters
Children, Survival Gear, Rations, Back Up Discs, Legal Papers
My family. I'd leave my $2500 Gateway laptop piece of junk. My family always comes first.
The Gateway I'd leave it because it deserves a fiery end.
If it had a soul I'd send it to HELL.
You guys are all wrong. I'd take my phucking Super Soaker MPK 5000 with dual automatic chambers and front charged heat seeking radars. Then i'd sit on my front porch and wait it out till that mo-fo came down the hill and defend my kin.
Proof of fire insurance.
i would take acid and bone your mom
I would take my animals and leave the husband!!!!
I'd take my Treez...
I would hurry and take a video of what is left behind so that the insurance company can reimburse us if it is lost.
I would help burn it down for the insurance like the lady down the street. She had a one story house and now she's got a three story one with all new stuff inside it.
I would take the photo album with my dads pics in it. He passed away 2 yrs ago. I would also grab kids, ferret, dog and my cell phone. Everything else can be replaced.
i would take my bong so i could rip some sick hits while i watch my house go up in smoke
i would also bring my wallet, my cell phone, and a a pack of condoms.
and obviousley a bag of trees
I'd take my two black fur balls (cats) and my boyfriend...
My dog and some peanut butter
clean panties
my makeup
I would take Tweetie.
sleeping bags and bottled water
The only thing I need is my faith and my bible!
i would grab my puppy and my bag of weed
I suppose I would have to take my wife, if I didn't, I'm sure I would never hear the end of it!
I'd take my pets and shove the neck of my best guitar down my pants and waddle out the door
i am on pre-evac for the durango colorado fire. i am on cr 203, we have found temporary homes for my horses, and have packed birth certificates, tax records, pictures, and photos of our belongings. i have enough clothes for a week. my dogs are in foster homes and the cats are with the humane society. i am ready to go.

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