Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm not pregnant, at least according to this pee test I'm not. Phew, relief, and sigh, sad. Poor women and poor men, to have to go through this.

God, I was so worried my legs were shaking, and of course I peed all over the bathroom floor, lovely. Oh well, I needed to throw those magazines away anyway. Then while I'm standing there akwardly attempting to do this, Beau comes pounding on the bathroom door, "Mom!!! God, why did you say Steven S. could come over tommorrow without asking me? I want Steven F. to come over. You didn't even ask me. It's not fair. Mom??? Mom!!!!!"

I had to do it twice because you're supposed to pee over this absorbent part of the test strip for at least five seconds. I don't know about you but it's pretty hard to figure out how to stand over a toilet while peeing and looking down to be sure you're hitting the mark. It took my calmer partner to suggest peeing in a cup and dipping it in there, and sure enough the test said I could, sheesh.

I have to say how wonderful and loving Scott was about all of this. It just made me love him more, if that's even possible. He was so helpful, warm, calm, and kind. I looked at his tender face and felt so much love for him.

And Mirna, our brand new housekeeper/helper gal, I don't even remember if I showed you her picture or not, quit after just four days. This is the woman who sweetly called, over and over, begging us to hire her and reassuring us that she wouldn't disappoint us.

I think it's all for the best, but this is my usual attitude towards most things. I feel a little sad and confused though, but I'll adapt. I liked her. I hope she finds the perfect job and everything works out for her and for her children. Meanwhile I'm out four days salary at eighty dollars a day times three because I had Esther and Saida here showing her the ropes.

It's actually a little bit less than that because Saida only worked two days. Oh, and there's much to say about Saida's son Freddy, the lies and the stealing, but I won't bore you with it just now. I'm just so relieved he's gone and I won't have to deal with him every day anymore. God only knows what kind of man he will grow up to be. Saida won't hear a word against him. I don't know how she can be so blind to all of his stealing and the lies. I'm sure I have my opwn blind spots when it comes to Beau though so how can I blame her. I just feel sad for them and disappointed.

Saida needed me to write a letter of recommendation for her and of course I did, but I won't lie, so I just had to fluff up the bits about her that were positive. There was a naughty devilish part of me that wanted to write - Don't hire this woman, she will bring her sneaky, deceitful, petty thieving son over and he will gobble up every little bit of food you buy. Beware backstabbing, churlishness, snobbery, prudishness and extreme ingratitude. Danger! Danger! Do not hire! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

I'm feeling pretty happy and grateful right now, a little or wel,l a lot concerned about my weight, and my health, and the messy house, especially Beau's room and the garage, but we'll tackle all of this somehow.
Thanks for caring enough to read this.

Love you guys,

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