Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm so happy today, isn't that great? I'm in love, my divorce will be coming through soon, I hope. I have a little bit of money so I don't have to freak out. My son is happy and playing with a nice new friend. My animals are all well, for the moment. I love Live Journal. I'll be going to Hawaii soon and then Burning MAn, I may even be able to buy an Airstream Trailer.

There are movies to watch, magazines to be read, a Palm Pilot to reinstall, life is good. Oh and there are many ebay toys on the way, and papers to be sorted and organized, dear friends and a horse to visit, and bunnies to be played with, hair to be colored, massages to be had, toes to be painted, dreads to be tied in (Sonja?) and a new housekeeper starting tommorrow. Now if I could just lose a little but of weight, hrmmm, you know what, I'm going to honor my desire to get at least thirty minutes of exercise per day. Help me keep this commitment will you?

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