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Beverly Hills Loan Company

I paid off my things that I had in hock (how do you spell that hock, hawk?) at Beverly Loan Company and haven't picked them up yet. Beverly Loan Company is this upscale pawn broker place that's in a nice BofA bank building in Beverly Hills. You'd never know it was a pawn shop from the look and feel of the place. I guess this is the place where people who have money go when they're having difficulties, divorcees pawning jewelry, celebrities needing money that their managers won't give them to buy drugs, or crazy gals like me trying to raise cash for an operation on a pet rat, that kind of thing.

I had "borrowed" money on several things and finally paid them all off, but I haven't picked them up yet. I just don't have the time and they keep everything in a safe deposit box so it's as safe there as it would be in mine, plus I don't know what to do with all of our silver. I sure don't feel like leaving it here with someone new. So I called today and asked them if I could pay to have them store it for me and they said fine.

I was talking to this guy, Anthony, who I like and who has helped me in the past. I asked him if I was the wackiest customer they have, because frankly I have been pretty lame about the whole thing. If not for sheer luck, the kindness of a Live Journal friend, and the loan company being so nice to me, I would have lost my dearest things many times over by now. I thought my having paid it all off and then not even bothering to pick it up might seem pretty weird to them. But Anthony said I don't even come close to weird by their standards. I kept pumping him for stories because you know I love to collect and share them with all of you, but this is all he said. "Jacqui, you don't understand, I wouldn't even know where to begin telling you about the weirdness we get in here. I have a guy who paid his loans off three years ago and still hasn't picked up his stuff. He figures it's safer with us here than at home with him so he just leaves it. You just don't understand, someone once pulled out their gold bridge and tried to get a loan on it, so as far as wacky is concerned you don't even come close."

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