Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This is the most horrible day in the world!

Tonight I feel like the stupidest person on the planet. I have this wonderful new neighbor who I really like. I've mentioned her to you before. She loves animals, and has the sweetest dog and cats. I've already upset her enough as it is by allowing my kids to shoot off paintball guns at a target in the back yard on Beau's birthday. One of the kids, and we're pretty sure it was Freddy, good ol' trouble making Freddy, who I'd formerly thought was an angel, shot some balls into her yard and against her wall. It really scared her and she was pretty upset.

Now tonight, sad freaked out shmo that I am, I was on eBay making certain that I had paid all my auctions, and for the first time remembered to look her up under her seller's name. I was so happy for her, that she's just started selling there and doing so well. I looked at her past auctions and her feedback and wanted to come write a little e-mail of congratulations to her partner and to her by clicking on her seller's name.

I entered her name and it took me to her sales page and without even thinking, and meaning to click her name instead, I clicked the GD Buy It Now icon. I didn't even realize what I'd done until the page came up congratulating me for buying her rare glass lamp for SIX THOUSAND dollars!!!! OMG!!!!! I thought I was dreaming, it couldn't be possible. I kept looking at the page thinking this was some sort of mistake, some kind of bizarre joke. I have now ended her auction and caused her partner and her at best a hassle. Worst case scenario they lose the time it takes to relist it and whatever auction fees eBay charges which could be considerable on something this expensive. I'll have to pay them if it gets to that.

I'm just praying that eBay will understand and this won't be a hassle, but the mood I'm in right now I am totally panicking. I'm worrying she will think I did this on purpose or that she'll think something horrible of me. Why????

I have to leave right now. I left a message on her machine and sent a note to the e-mail address registered to their seller name. Oh God help me, I'm in hell, I swear.

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