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I Am Such A Jerk

Man I keep trying to figure out how to turn this image into a link and I just cant do it. I keep turning my text purple and underlining it. But I can't fool aorund with this anymore and have to go. Thanks though for all of your help you guys, I'll keep trying.

I had the perfect photograph for my imajerk journal and then I lost it. Damn, it was so good. It was of this Mexican little person, (polite euphemism for vertically challenged,)wearing this huge sombrero. Not to demean anyone Latin or short, but it just kind of stood out in stark contrast to the way Robby sees himself, so it would have been perfect as an image for him. It was so great. I have to find another. The photo I'm using for his journal pic is GI Joe and a screaming woman, and then I set him on fire. I really loved making that. The next step for me with the little journal pics is to learn how to animate them.

I go through periods where I write in his pseudonomous (is that right?) journal and then periods where I don't. It's become a strange kind of experience, healing in some ways, and confusing in others. I try to capture his selfish, childlike essence, but it's hard. What I don't like about it though, is that some people come in and think it's real and get hurt. I like people thinking it's real but I don't like people getting hurt by it. Much to ponder.

I do like to make my mean puppet dance though. I do, I do. It's the least I can do to him for all the hell he's put me through. I feel the need to move on to forgiveness soon but I'm just not there yet.

He was such a jerk, if only you knew.

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