Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Mammograms From Outer Space?

OMG this is really awful, if it's true, I just heard on Art Bell that several Portuguese women went to their windows recently and stood there naked, from the waist up, for several minutes. Apparently they all thought they were going to receive some kind of free mammogram transmitted via satellite. They had all received phone calls from a woman claiming to be a doctor, and just naively went ahead and stood topless in their windows.

There is a part of me that wants to laugh at the thought of all of these women standing around topless in their windows, but there is another deeper part of me that feels so sad for all of us as women, that this kind of thing can happen. I think it's really awful that there are women who know so little about their breast health that they would fall for a prank like this and think that breast imaging is some kind of bizarre far away thing that can be performed from outer space. Maybe this whole thing will serve to inform some of these women about breast cancer and mammograms. I shouldn't laugh over something like this because it's pretty cruel and heartless when you think about it, it'd never fly here, well, at least I hope it wouldn't.

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