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Aloha from Napili Kai Maui,

Just sitting here having brunch, made my veggie burger meal carefully so as not to kill any ants. Beau is just waking up beside me, farting away, lovely accompaniment to a meal.

I went to Mom's to give her a robe I bought for her at Blue Ginger, a store she likes here. They have these sweet tropical batiky prints. She really liked it which was happy making. I also gave her the uke to play and she played Sweet Leilani and I taped her, so sweet. She's going to go shopping with Rosa today while we swim and snorkel, yeay.

Scott just signed on and off, torture, I want my man here damnit. Although we did have a nice hot IM while he was at work today which is extremely rare for my shy work bound Scott monkey.

I woke up with at least two new bites this morning. Nice big quarter sized itchy welts. Lovely, and thank you Mama Mosquito, may you and your family use my blood well. I don't mind sharing, it's the itchy infection they leave behind that bugs me. I would gladly leave them a thimbleful of my blood on the nightstand every night if they would just keep their damned skeeter mouths out of my epidermis.

I would love to go on one of these eco tours to swim with dolphins but I'm pretty sure they aren't too great for the dolphins, so I'm not going to do it unless I'm certain it's not in any way harmful to them. I heard they find the bays where they are sleeping and hanging out, and go in there with their little rubber raft boats. Dolphins pick bays to rest in so they can be safe from sharks, like us if they don't get enough sleep it can be detrimental to their health. Plus I've also heard that they move from bay to bay so it sounds like they're trying to get away. I'm not a perfect eco-nature gal because I love to interact with wildlife, I like to feed the fish and the birds and that isn't too terrific for them because it makes them dependent on us.

Beau's up, good morning and it's straight to the TV. His latest favorite is Way of the Samurai. He keeps asking me to buy him swords that he sees for sale on eBay, uh, no, nope, and nunh unh. Because of this he is calling me and "evil Mother of the Netherworld" I guess I can't blame him I've been calling him an "evil children of the corn," for years. I like to leave it plural, it's funnier that way.

Christopher Walken is in Country Bears? Well, more power to him, Laurence Olivier did his share of crap for the money before he left this pretty blue planet. I know Christopher Walken is funny, all you have to do is watch Saturday Night Live to see that, but I sure would like to see more of him in weird indie dramas and obscure foreign films. I've never developed a taste for Pennies from Heaven although I've tried.

I'm reading To Steal a Kingdom - Probing Hawaiian History by Michael Doherty. It's good, angry and meaningful, without being a polemic.

Oh yeay, David Doubilet has a new book out, one of my favorite photography books of all time is his Water Light Time. This one has photos of the Great Barrier Reef. I hope I get to see it someday. Speaking of reefs I have a date with a wee Hawaiian one, that I need to get my sunscreen covered mosquito bait bod off to.

Okay well I guess I'll go open my e-mail and see how many Klez e-worm attachments I've received for the day.

Love you miss you,
Ho'omanawanui (take it easy)
Wacqui Woo

PS: I told Scott that I like it when he puts on a little weight, because I like it when he has a nui 'okole (big ass) and I told Beau that he is pilau (smelly). He asked me how to say shut up in Hawaiian so I told him to say mahalo (thank you) but he already knows that so I couldn't fool him, pa'akiki pua'a keiki, (stubborn pig child) ha ha ha ha.


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