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Hawaii; Talking Story

It rained all day yesterday, a gentle Hawaiian rain that came in waves, like the ocean. First gentle and light, then a rhythmic pattering on the leaves of the coco palms and the bananas. It was really beautiful.

We got our first sunburns playing in the ocean and at the beach. We waxed Beau's skim board and took it out for a trial. It turns out we bought it at the store that belonged to Louis, the professional surfer we met in first class, on the plane on the way over. He was incredibly buff and tan, strict with his little boy, reminded me a bit of my ex. There were some brochures there and I picked on up, read a little bit about him, he made his first surfboard in his garage here on Maui when he was fifteen. He lives upcountry here with his wife and son and a goat. A friend gave him the goat.

Beau's board looks like a miniature surfboard. It's fiberglass, white with black designs and stickers and a gorgeous strip of wood that runs down the center of it. The main design is a big A for anarchy. Funny that my little grown up boy would pick this surfboard. Reminds me of my punk/new wave days in the eighties when my friend Liam got drunk at his parents house in Mexico, and trying to brand the symbol for anarchy on his arm with a wire hanger, made a mess of his flesh when the chemicals on the hanger surprised him by melting and puddling up on his arm. Hangers are not good for branding, Liam taught me this. Not that I think I'll ever need to know this. It's just something stored away with all the other little bits and pieces of information, like lightning bugs that blink on and off in a jar.

When Beau couldn't figure out how to use the board himself I took him down the beach where there were some other kids using wooden boards to skim the water. I explained that Beau doesn't have any brother's, his Dad isn't around much, and I'm not exactly Senora Sporty, would they please help him learn to skim board. They were surprisingly kind, and we spent a long time there watching them run and throw their boards along the wet sand, jump on them and ride them. At first Beau was too afraid, and then little by little, with a while lot of encouragement from me, he began to try it.

At one point I felt something brush up against my arm and when I looked down it pinched me, it was a tiny grey crab who must have been stirred up by the surf. I screamed and then felt silly for screaming. After my Palm Springs spider incident I'm still kind of frightened and traumatized and I guess my subconscious thinks that anything small and weird that sneaks up on me and bites me just might be a spider, even in the ocean.

Another surprising turn of events was that I found myself attracted to one of the young guys who Beau was hanging out with. This never happens to me, I'm super faithful and my sexuality tends to tag along with wherever my love is. But lately it's been blazing out of control. I want everyone, fat hairy men even, and now I suppose I'm wanting young teenage boys. What the hell is going on with me? He was beautiful though, and had the most perfect recently formed male body I have ever seen. He was hot, Brad Pitt hot, and I never understood why women went nuts over Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise, I had to see him in a more romantic context before I could join the oooooh Brad loving fray, but now I get it, it was his body. Heh, maybe I'm turning into a guy, maybe it's the lack of estrogen now that I'm off the pill and my period has run for the mossy rain drenched Hawaiian hills.

A little while later another younger boy showed up. He was about half of Beau's height, super tan and very brave and boy like. He and Beau took turns trying to learn how to skim using Beau's board. When I was sure they were safe and happy I swam back to our hotel and got out. It was raining the whole time.

At dinner I learned from Beau that this other little boy had been very ill. He was here on a wish from the Make a Wish children's foundation. He had almost died, and now that he was over the worst of it, he was here with his Mom and dad in the one place he had dreamed of being when he was the sickest. How wonderful, miraculous, and moving is that? Beau said he had scars all over his body. He had had a kidney transplant at the last possible moment. He showed Beau where he had had tubes and clamps going in to and coming out of his side. He said that he has to take nine pills every day and that he can swallow them all at once. He doesn't like that when he tells people he got to come here because it was his wish that everyone looks at him as if he is going to die. Of course as soon as Beau told us this story I burst out crying over my artichoke.

After dinner, when we were sitting on Mom's lanai watching the storm clouds over the ocean, Rosa told me that Beau had told them that he thought it was funny that the word pussy can mean two different things. I was surprised that my eighty-six year old mother hadn't freaked out over that. Instead she surprised me with a story I'd never heard her tell before. She said that when she was twenty, one of the boys she knew gave her a nickname. She came home and told my Grandfather. She said innocently, "Daddy I have a new nickname." My Grandfather's mood darkened as he asked what this nickname was. "It's Mike! Isn't that funny?" My Mother's maiden name is Hunt...Mike Hunt, say it fast a couple of times. Mom had never heard the word before. My Grandfather was furious and wanted to know which "boy" had called my Mother this, he had some business to discuss with him and a baseball bat.

Oh Rosa is here with her lei. I bought lei needles so we could make our own with dental floss. Mr. I don't Need Any Sunscreen, Mom, is sleeping beside me with a flaming red sunburn. I have so many more stories for you. Hawaii for me is endless stories, stories about family and music, travel stories, stories of nature, and ghost stories, but I have to get going. I'll check back in with you later. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the right driver for my camera so I can share some pictures of our trip.

Big happy Hawaiian hugs,

I love to please my mama
and show her that I care
Sometimes I like to pick her posies
and wear them in my hair

- Johnny Bravo

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