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Topless Swinging Hipped Hula Girl Lamps and Getting Used to the Place

God how I wish I could stay on vacation forever. If not for missing my beloved Scott and the cats I could remain like this, a wandering, shopping, ocean-creature loving, story collecting, vagabond girl forever. Of course it helps that my Mother is paying for it.

We're still here at The Orchid at Mauna Lani and I'm beginning to love being here. I'm finally relaxing because I know I'll be seeing my Scotti in just a few days and he's faced his workaholic terror demons and asked for the last two days of the week off so that we'll actually be able to be together in Maui for a whopping ten days. I'm so excited. Although two of those days are travel days. After I lock him up in our plumeria filled bedroom for a few hours, and drag him to the beach, I can't wait to take him out to dinner at all of my favorite restaurants; Roy's, Longhi's, The Plantation House Inn, Cheeseburgers in Paradise. I'm so looking forward to it. I feel so at home on Maui that I keep saying things like, "Well, Beau, when we get home we can...(do whatever it is he's wanting to do)."

Beau is peeling like mad and I got a nice deep lava rock/coral cut at the beach when I was diving for these cute little clam shells that some small crab had been snacking on and then discarding. Beau went kayaking around this little lagoon and I tried to snorkel but the water was so cloudy and strange, super poor visibility. I swam way out beyond their little man made reef in search of green sea turtles but I think they were all safely tucked under their ledges because the wind was whipping up and it had gotten really choppy and rough. I was a wee bit frightened there for a bit because I had swum so far away and the terrain was unfamiliar, I had to navigate over some high coral heads and boulders to try to find my way back out of this neighboring bay and back in to our fake little lagoon place.

We met a nice "beach-boy" man. He was born here and explained that the reason the water is so weird is because there are fresh water springs that bubble up and fill the lagoon, when the fresh water mixes with the salty it creates this odd oily looking mix that makes it hard to see the bottom. I've gotten accustomed to being able to see my toes when I stand in the water here and I like to be able to peek down and see everything. Here I have to dive down and hope for a few seconds of clarity, which is kind of fun and exciting in its own way.

The man we met is "living with cancer" as my dear old friend Mary likes to say. (Aren't old friends the best? Why is that? Because we have so much history in common?) He was a flight attendant with Aloha for twenty-five years. He believes that people who work on airplanes have a higher incidence of cancer because of their long term exposure to radiation, and the damaging affects of having had to fly with cigarette smoke and bug spray for so many years. He had a carcinoma in his back. His back was hurting all the time and one of his little boys would massage it for him, then one day his son felt a weird thick lump, the size of say a squashed ping pong ball, and it turned out to be cancerous. He had it removed and then had radiation. The radiation shut down his liver and kidneys and he almost died, then at what seemed like the last possible moment, they started to function again. He quit his job and is working full time as a beach boy now.

I don't know why but I always, always, gravitate towards people with cancer. Last night I bought a copy of People magazine with Sharon Osbourne on the cover. I'm so sorry for her, but what an opportunity she has to do some real good for people, the fact that MTV is going to film and air episodes of her having chemotherapy may just be a wonderful thing for people for whom chemotherapy is the most frightening aspect of having cancer. The best thing I've heard about it so far, and this has helped me immensely, is that my old school pal Mary says it is "profoundly yucky." Profoundly yucky is something you can get through.

Yesterday I hijacked the car from Mom and we drive to Kona. Kona looks a little run down, like the sweetness and tiki tropical feel is just there still under the surface of some fading from too much tourism and days of endless sun. We drove up and down the front street, Alii something I think, and when Beau spied an arcade he practically jumped out of the car. Dance Dance Revolution Infinity whatever mix was calling to him.

I parked the car and paid the little pay in advance box fee. I helped some other people figure out how to do it. Helping people brings me tremendous comfort and happiness. One of these people was very fat, fatter than me and I felt enormous love for him. I wanted to put my arms around his neck and tell him that I loved him. I'm so grateful for all of the big people I'm meeting and seeing here. I'm grateful for the bigger airplane seats and the booths I don't have to squash to fit into comfortably. There is a woman here at the desk who has lost one hundred and fifty pounds from weight loss surgery and a woman whose husband has lost two hundred and forty. This gives me courage and confidence that I am following the right path.

I found a vintage Hawaiian store called Hula something and went crazy. I went through all of their postcard books and bought volcano, taro, night blooming jasmine, Matson Line Lurline, pineapple, hula girl, waterfall and jungle, and assorted other vintage cards. I also bought a vintage hula gal lamp, an original one as opposed to one of the repros. She's so hot, she's topless with the nicest little waist and breasts, yes I like breasts, well, I like anything or anyone naked really, seriously anyone, and her hips sway back and forth electronically. Very cool.

After that Beau wanted to check out another arcade so we went to this bowling alley, very smokey yuck, and Beau played more Dance Revolution while I had a veggie burger in a funky little restaurant. After that we went to the theatre and saw Austin Powers. I never really feel at home in a place until I go to the movies there. I've never been in a theatre where the people were more restless. It wasn't the movie, they loved it, they laughed uproariously, it was the people. They couldn't sit still. They talked non stop, they chased each other around, ran up and down the stairs and walked back and forth to squat down next to and chat with their friends. The teenaged Mama behind me actually took calls on her cell phone while trying to quiet her crying baby. It was a trip. I was trying to figure out if its a cultural thing, you know, people who are used to being outside find it hard to settle down and focus inside, or whether it has something to do with the age of the people who are going to see this particular movie. I'm used to screaming stomping Westwood crowds, but this was different somehow.

After the movie we went to Borders, (oh wow there's the cutest little Mina bird on our lanai, he's looking for snacks now that he's finished all of Mom and Rosa's food, did I tell you that the woman at the gift shop at Napili Kai where I bought some of my Mom's birthday gifts rescued two Mina birds and taught them to say, "Here Kitty Kitty" and "Meow"?), and (Maaan, I have to digress again because while reaching for my morning pile o' pills I just spilled my virgin lava flow into my night stand drawer drenching my Palm Pilot and other important papers and things, argh...) that was comforting and anchoring. After seeing nothing but lava field, graffiti, and resorts for a few days, it's nice to go somewhere familiar. It was actually a bit disorienting to find the cafe with it's familiar coffee drinks and Snapple, ahhhh Snapple.

After Borders we went to...Taco Bell. I get non meat versions of items on the menu and Beau gets bean and rice burritos. Scratchy mechanical voice squawked through speaker. "Uh we don't have bean and rice burritos, hey? Our burritos come with beans cheese and red sauce, but maybe we can leave off the cheese and sauce and add the rice yeah?" While waiting in the drive thru line we noticed there were at least a dozen skinny little kittens and cats so we ordered ten side orders of meat, yuck, and poured the meat into containers that we fed to the cats. We watched from the car while we ate our dinner. On the drive back here we listened to Whitley Strieber on the radio talking about ghosts and aliens. Beau put all our junk on the bellboy cart, sat on it, and kind of foot paddled his way back to our room. We counted geckos along the way. We only manage to catch and cuddle the baby ones, the bigger ones are too fast for us.

Well, we're about to go to the beach and pool, I wanted to check in and say hello and share our adventure with my pals. Love you guys, miss you, Wacqui


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