Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Today, finally, is volcano day. I'm going to buy a big bottle of gin for my fire goddess pal Pele and we're going to fly over the vent, or as near as we can safely get. It's incredibly active right now. Our timing couldn't be better, people are flying here from all over to see this extra-activity. It was on CNN. I'm so excited, I'm kind of a volcano nut gal. I collect postcards, prints, and paintings of volcanos, tornados, tidal waves and the Northern Lights.

My Mom is being very brave and is going to go with us, but I made her take a Xanax just in case. The last time she was in a helicopter was over fifty years ago, maybe more. She went up in one of the first tourist helicopters in Hawaii, it was tiny and mostly glass. She freaked out. She started clawing at the door, so frightened and panicked that she felt she had to get out no matter what. They had to restrain her to keep her from pulling open the door and jumping.

There are some great shots of this volcano here.

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