Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Emergency Cat Prayer Request

Hey Everyone,

I need your help again. Would you take a moment and say a prayer, or meditate, or do whatever you do to call positive healing energy, for my cats? Please? It worked the last time, it really really did, I was so grateful, and now I need your help again. I will always trade prayer or hope requests anytime all you have to do is ask.

I'm still here in Hawaii, my housekeeper/assistant is staying with my many cat friends. She called me today and told me that one of the black teenager kitties suddenly seemed really sick today, his mouth seems painful and he was drooling and seemed weak. This is exactly what happened to our other kitty friend who we had to put to sleep about two months ago, I'm no good with time so I'm not sure. He had FIP and his liver and kidneys had shut down. I was freaked out and thought everyone else in the house was going to come down with it. We bleached everything (remember when Beau accidentally squirted the bleach in my eyes?) and I was a panicked wreck for a few weeks any time anyone so much as hiccuped. Then we relaxed because it seemed like it was going to be okay.

So today Esther and Irma contacted me, then I called the new vet and arranged for them to take my sick cat in. The woman on the phone mentioned that there was some deadly new virus going around and she was concerned that it might be in her hospital and told me to make certain Esther would keep our kitty in his carrier so that he would neither catch nor give this virus to anyone there. About two hours after that a security officer came to our door and said there was an emergency phone call from Los Angeles and that someone had been trying to reach me and to call the hotel operator. The hotel operator told me that the vet had called and said it was urgent that I call him back immediately.

When I finally got through to the vet he said that he didn't want to ruin our vacation but that there was this deadly virus going around and that my two cats (now it was two and not just one because Esther discovered that one of the other teenage kitties also seemed sick), had all of the symptoms. He had contacted UC Davis and they wanted him to send some samples to them immediately and they would culture these and have an answer for us in three days. In the meantime, despite the fact that my cats seem very sick and need to be hospitalized, he said that he couldn't take them in because he had done this a couple months ago with another cat who had come down with this horrible virus, and he had to shut the entire hospital down for three weeks in order to properly disinfect and decontaminate everything. Three weeks to a vet hospital like this could mean a loss of a hundred thousand dollars or more.

He told me that I should isolate my cats at home, give them subcutaneous injections of fluid and antibiotics and call him if they got worse in which case he would put them to sleep for me. He said that UC Davis would like to have one of their bodies or both of them for research if they die. He said that all of my cats may have been infected and that this could run through our cattery and potentially kill a lot of our cats. The name of this virus, hemorrhage colisi virus, basically cat Ebola. What the f&^%?

It doesn't make sense though, this lethal virus is fast moving and has a very short incubation period, something like three days, these kitties are inbred and were born with an upper respiratory infection, their immune systems have been delicate since they were born, so they already had something going on. None of the cats have gone outside or come in contact with any other cats. How could they have this? How could my other kitty who died have contracted FIP? This disease seems similar to whatever Rudy2 had, what are the odds that the disease that he had, that was diagnosed by another vet as FIP, something considered to be highly infectious, is not the same disease as the one that is showing up in his brother and sister? Isn't it possible that this vet, having become super alerted to this new virus, might suspect anything remotely similar to be this terrible hemmorhagic cat fever thing? It could also be, what we have long suspected all of this to be, a cat flu that is a herpetic form of the virus. This would be the best case scenario, which basically sucks.

What is worse for my cats to have, ebola or feline infectious peritonitis? And what about my poor sick babies, what is going to happen to them. I'm so scared. Why is this happening? I love my cats so much. I don't understand, I feel cursed and punished. Please, please, please, pray for us. I'd rather suffer the embarrasment of having to beg your prayers and seem overreactive and hysterical and have it turn out to be nothing, than hold off asking and have it turn out terribly. Visualize healing energy around my two black kitten cats and all of the rest of our cat family, please, please, please???? Thanks so much and as always if there is ever anything I can do for any of you in return please don't ever hesitate to ask.

Love you,
A very worried and freaked out, far from home, Jacqui

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