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Hi Pals,

Just wanted to let you know about this email my ten year old son got. Somehow they gather e-ddresses from sites that purport to be for Britney Spear's fans, and then they send this back to all the little kids who go there. I know, because we went to a few Britney Spears sites, on both my computer and my sons, and then we both suddenly got this same email, but my other aol accounts didn't. Any ideas on how I can make life just a little more miserable for these folks?

Date: 8/7/00 3:41:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Wardarak
BCC: me

({{{Britney Spears}}} displays shocking celebrity behavior... when caughtoff camera! )

This is the link my little boy visited after receiving this email, and this is the letter I sent back to these seriously evil, bottom-dwelling freaks;

which then led me to an altavista home page
check it out yourself

To: Wardarak@aol.com


Did you send an email like to a ten year old child on purpose? Could you really be this evil? I'm sure you don't care that you are sending porn links to little kids, I mean it's OUR responsibility to try to screen this kind of garbage out right? You're just the innocent Internet distributor of pornographic content right?

Well, I guess I wasn't careful enough and your piece of trash snuck through. A message like this, headed straight for the mailbox of a little ten year old boy, whose only request for his birthday, was anything related in any way to Britney Spears. But you know that, don't you? That's how you found us. That's why you headed your filthy little child luring email this way. Do you care about how he felt when he clicked on your link? Of course not, I'm sure you don't, it's pretty clear that all you care about is money. Hey that's okay, karma is a beautiful thing, and I'm sure you'll get yours.

Oh, I wanted to let you know that I contacted the downtown Los Angeles detective bureau and turned over everything I could gather up about you. I guess they'll take it from there.

I would like to add how truly despicable I think you are for sending this kind of email around. I mean it's one thing to send a porn link, in a way that lets people know what it is, right up front. I don't really have a problem with that. I don't have a problem with there being straight or gay porn sites. But you know very well that the people who love Britney Spears, are mostly in the 7-14 year old, age group. You also know that a large percentage of these kids will be little boys. So you lure my son to a website promising pictures of his teen idol. Then you purposely set out to expose him to something he is in no way ready for, by adding a hard core gay porn link, with the sentence, "Gay Boys click here."

I never thought I'd use an expression as old fashioned and right wing as this but, shame on you! Seriously, I wish heaps and heaps of, SHAME ON YOU!!! I mean seriously, how low can you stoop, you freak? I have never, ever, supported censorship of any kind, especially on the Internet. But when you send an email with a link, to a page filled with shots of men having sex with boys, to a young boy, and there's no way for him to back out, without your exposing him to even more gay porn, all because he wanted to see photographs of his teen idol? Well, it makes me want to march on Washington, and see you strung up from the nearest tree. I feel serious hatred for you here and rage over what you are doing to other people's children.I simply hate you! You seriously crossed my last line buddy!

I am going to post this in as many places as possible. Maybe we won't be able to track you down and force you to be accountable, but the energy this will generate in response to your insensitive exposure of innocent little kids, will be directed right at you. It'll be kind of like a giant cyber voodoo doll, and all of these thoughts will be like extra sharp pins for your eyes.

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