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Cats On the Mend, Lockjaw, and Flesh Eating Bacteria

Hello My Beloved Live Journal Friends,

My cats are better and I know it's because of you. Thank you as always for your love and healing thoughts and prayers. There is some kind of miracle at work here and I am so grateful. One minute our vet is telling us that our two black babies have hemorrhagic calisi (sp?) virus, something akin to the feline version of ebola or dengue fever, are most likely going to die within seventy-two hours, are so infectious they refuse to even treat them at the hospital, and that we will need to quarantine any cats they may have come in contact with and be prepared for death on a grand scale in our cattery, and BTW may we have their bodies to send to UC Davis for study, then seventy two plus hours later our cats are better and hopefully, (cross fingers here,) on their way to recovery. What's that if not some kind of miracle? Thank you again and again for this.

I'm convinced that what my cats have is feline flu, the herpetic kind. We may have contracted it in one of three ways; from two Sphinx kitties I adopted, who came in with runny red eyes, or from a mama cat and her kittens I rescued from the pound, or from a cat Beau fell in love with in a pet store right after his Dad split, and I couldn't refuse him. This flu hangs out in their little kitty systems and becomes active and contagious when someone is stressed or weakened in some way. Then when they are fighting off the flu virus they become even more susceptible to things like FIP, which is what happened, I think, to my other little man. It's not the best news in the world, but at least it makes sense to me and I feel a little more on top of it.

It was pretty terrifying being so far away from home on vacation here in Hawaii and to get news like that, and not be able to do much about it. We had to have our wonderful
at-home-vets come by to look at everyone else and to teach Esther and Irma, (the new gal who is working for us during the week,) how to (I'm sorry, this is so funny, the news anchor here on the TV is wearing a pointy aluminum foil hat just like the one in Signs, which was a great movie by the way,) keep these two sick cats totally quarantined using bleach and gloves and gowns, and create another barrier between the bathroom, where the sick kitties are, and the bedroom, where the possibly infected cats are, and the rest of the house where the healthy cats are. What a nightmare. Irma was crying, I'm getting used to being told the worst and learning to hope for the best despite this.

It's five thirty here in the morning in Maui. I'm up so early so I can call my Mom and be of some comfort to her before she has to face her first big cancer appointment with the surgeon today. This is the visit she put off so she could go on our trip to Hawaii. She went home a few days ago.

Scott is here with us now and we'll be coming home next Saturday. Yesterday we went to the Doctor's On Call offices in Kanapali because he had something he wanted looked at, and I got this pretty deep lava rock cut, in the bay at our hotel on the big island, and despite all my careful cleaning and treatment it wasn't getting better, was hurting/throbbing, and was looking infected. Talk about alarming news from a doctor, he took one look at it and started talking about tetanus, strep, and flesh eating bacteria.

I haven't had a tetanus shot in twenty or more years, primarily because I object to the way in which it is made, and also because I'm kind of leery of vaccines in general. I agreed to taking the antibiotics but passed on the shot, and then just happened to mention that my jaw had been really tender and bothering me for a couple of days. You should have seen the look on the doctor's face. He started talking about lock jaw and going to the emergency hospital and it all seemed so alarming and ridiculous that I started laughing and joking around with him. He was dead serious so I took the shot and promised to call him and go to the hospital right away if I felt weak or worse in any way. I was feeling weak and my jaw was super sore so I was scared, but just like the situation with the cats, everything seems to have gotten a bit better, my jaw isn't hurting as much and whatever it is seems to be improving. What a trip.

I've made a nice little home for us here and I love sleeping with Scott in our own little room. Beau is super homesick though and wants to go home. I've been teaching Scott how to snorkel. It was slow starting, it's been years since his water days and he was a little afraid, but after some coaching in the pool and a gentle beginning in the ocean, he was doing really well.

Snorkeling seems so easy compared to scuba diving that I forget that it can be intimidating and scary to people. It was really fun experiencing the sea through his eyes. He was so excited about the fish. I can't wait to get him up to speed so I can show him the underwater world in Kapalua bay and hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to get him on a boat bound for the Molokini crater, that would be fun. I want to go to Hana but I can't stand doing all of that driving in one day so I think we'll take a helicopter one way and then rent a car to drive back or do something like that.

Well, I have lots more I'd like to share with you but I'm going to post this in some of the other wonderful communities where I asked for help and don't want to bore then all to death with off topic chat about our trip here in Hawaii. I'll check back in and share more stories as soon as I can find some time. I'm off to call Mom and then I'll go back to bed. I loved the movie Signs, I thought it was soooo good and definitely recommend it to you.

Aloha from your grateful friend,

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