Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Everybody,

I was so sleep deprived yesterday that I decided to get as much sleep as possible this morning so I slept until 11:30. Of course that's my version of sleeping until 11:30, meaning I got up about six times and slept lightly as usual. Scott is accustomed to popping out of bed as early as possible so he can get some living time in before he has to go to work. He also loves to go out to breakfast but he hates having to wait so he's been getting up to go to this popular little restaurant at the end of our bay.

Poor guy, he so wants me to go with him, and yesterday I tried, but the line was so long that we gave up. Standing in a long line by the edge of a swimming pool, in the hot, Hawaiian, skin-burning sun, so we can squeeze into this popular little breakfast restaurant, just didn't seem like a good use of our precious little remaining time here. Scott got up early today, earlier than yesterday and went again and got in. He's sleeping away now. I'm going to try to dive in to my pile of backlogged e-mail. I can't even begin to get to all of my old and new Live Journal friend's posts and comments and I fell bad about this : ( I'll just have to do my best to catch up with all of you when we get home.

The cats are continuing to recover. To be honest I felt pretty certain that my two sweet black teenager babies were going to die, all I wanted at that point was to ward off this horrible plague that I had been warned about. Now, probably because of all of your love and good wishes, my two cats are playing and well on the road to recovery, and no one else is ill. I can't wait to get back to have a wee little meeting with Senor Alarmist the Vet.

On my own personal health front I still have tenderness on either side of my jaw, but not like before. My lava/coral cut is still sore and I can only hope that it is healing. I'm going to have a massage today and see if that might help a bit. Oh and there's nothing like being a walking blood bank for hungry female mosquitos when all I hear on the news is, West Nile Virus, West Nile Virus, The Skeeters Are Coming, Run For the Hills!!!

At the doctor's office in Kanapali, which is about a ten minute drive and several bays away from here, we heard about all of the jellyfish that were washing up on beaches and stinging people. Apparently the doctor's offices had been packed with people who had been stung. They had to airlift one poor person out to a better hospital. Yesterday the jellyfish made their way over here to our bay and they put up a big sign saying, Jellyfish In Water. Despite the fact that I think jellyfish are incredibly beautiful and would love to be able to view them from a safe distance, I didn't think Scott's baby snorkeling skills were up to this, so we skipped the water, waaaa, and went shopping instead. We had lunch at Cheeseburger's In Paradise and did a bit of shopping.

I keep hoping for hot sweaty nights of passionate lovemaking on the beach, but Scott was so wiped out by nightfall that he just passed out as soon as we got home. I guess I'll just have to content my very demanding female self with the hot sweaty afternoon of passionate lovemaking in our sweet little bedroom instead. I aim to get him in the Hanki Panki pool at some point soon though. Hey, here he comes, I hear his familiar breathing.

Well, I love you my dear cyber-pals and miss you and your stories. I'm sad that I can't get it together to share my pictures but I'll put them up when I get back. Hope you're all happy and well and I'm sending my good Hawaiian energy vibes back to you.

Happy Hula Hugs - Wacqui

PS: I'm having fun being crafty and making a scrapbook. I've been looking for cool 3D postcards on eBay. I looove 3D things.

Hey Jen, I stopped along the highway and petted a horsey for you. I took a picture and Mom, ever the deeply appreciative nature lover, not, told me it was the ugliest horse she'd ever seen, sigh.


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