Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Sex On the Beach, Last Day in Hawaii and Wow Look at Those Waves

Hey Everybody,

Today is our last full day here in Maui. I will miss it so much. When I can afford it I will build or buy a home here someday. There's just something so mystical, beautiful and special about Hawaii and I always feel so happy and at home here. I always hate to leave but it will be good to get back to my home where I will make cure my cats are loved and well and begin planning for Beau's move to a new school in September.

I am thinking about not going to Burning Man this year. It really hurts to give it up but we've spent so much time away from home already and I'm a little worn out. I want to be there for Beau and I want to get our house organized. We're switching some of the bedrooms around so that we can give Beau more space, he'll have the former housekeeper's bedroom and my office and I'll move my office to his old bedroom. We'll get a futon for the library for anytime anyone spends the night and this will tide us over for a little while. We need more space and we are eventually going to have to add more rooms and a pool or we'll move. I want a bigger house with more land so we can have horses and cows and farm animals and never have to worry about neighbors complaining like we do now.

Yesterday we went on another helicopter tour of the island. Last week we flew over the volcano on the big island, which was so much fun. This time we saw a huge rainbow that was round like a circle and the pilot called it a raincircle, it was beautiful. We flew over some gorgeous, wet, green, pastures and could see hundreds of cows beneath us.
We also saw an ATV toud heading up the mountain and the cows were running to get out of their way. We saw waterfalls and people swimming in the pools beneath them and then we headed up to the deeper rainforest where no one ever goes. Scott read that something like 90% of the island is still unexplored although it's hard to believe the figure could be that high. We flew over the sleeping Haleakala volcano and then into Hana town and then out over the ocean. It was great.

After our helicopter flight we drove to Wailea and then Makena where we found Big Beach, parked, and then hiked over the rocks to Little Beach, the only nude beach on the island, and a place I had been wanting to go to for years. It was great, a beautiful soft sandy beach with clear warm turquoise waters. We took our clothes off immediately and went right in the water. There was a medium swell and that was kind of challenging for Scott who hasn't been a sea going guy for a long time. I kept him out with me for as long as his fear would allow him and then we went back in and lay down on the sand.

I was a little disappointed because I had envisoned this sweet romantic adventure but he was all about feeling comfortable and safe. I can kind of understand though, not everyone comes to Hawaii, flies around on a helicopter all day, then gets naked at a public beach and frolics in the semi-wild water. Nevertheless I could have used some more intimacy and would gladly have snuck off and fucked him if he so much as winked at me, sigh.

Afterwards we went to the Grand Wailea, which frankly is just too much resort for me. I'm happier here at funny, sweet, simple Napili, where the buildings are all one and two stories and room service is some kind of freaky modern invention they have on the mainland. I wish you could see the view from my room right now. I'm sitting naked, crosslegged on the bed and looking at Scott on our Lanai and the amazing ocean that fills the sliding glass windows completely from side to side. I can see Molokai in the distance.

Well, we're about to go swimming, I'll try to come back and catch up with you a bit more before we leave. I'm wondering what happened to my journal that I lost my background image of handwriting in french and I know you're missing imagery. All will bne resolved when I return. Love you guys and can't wait to catch up with everyone. I have some new pals who have added me and said hello and I just haven't been able to get to know you or be a good pal to all of my regular live journal buddies. I'm going shopping later at Whaler's Village, gotta buy another suitcase, and then tonight I'm taking Scott for a romantic, cough, splutter, we'll see, dinner at The Plantation Inn which is in the hills above Kapalua and is soooo lovely and romantic with the big windows, the gorgeous views, the tiki torches and the wonderful breezes. When I ate there two weeks ago, man time goes by quickly, there was a wedding party seated next to us. The bride and groom were dressed for a white wedding. She still had her veil on and it was so sweet and romantic. Okay gotta go the Scott is getting restless and he just said Meow.

Love you,

PS: Okay so he didn't make love to me on the beach, at least he tried to go to the Hanki Panki pool with me and because it was full of cigarette smoking teenage boys, we came back to our room, lit bamboo pikake and ginger candles and, ahem, had a really nice time.

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