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Okay so I'm coming a little late to the party, I can't help it I was out of town, but I'm loving all of the parodies of Ellen Feiss, one of the real life people appearing in the Apple Switch ads. Everyone seems to think she's stoned. Here's the ad, what do you think? I'm voting for stoned or hanging out with stoney people. I put up a funny photoshop parody in my comments at the end of this post.

I'm having broccoli tofu stir fry for my late lunch.

I'm feeling super anxious. I'd take a Xanax but I only have a few and I'm supposed to save them for emergencies. I just don't like the vibe here, I'm so much happier and more at ease in Hawaii but then who isn't, big deep sigh. I'm worrying about my Mother's upcoming cancer surgery. I feel I should be managing this somehow but she's determined to do it her way. Tomorrow I have to go meet with her secretary at her house, something I am not looking forward to. Her secretary drinks too much and likes to stir things up and make trouble. She's kind of a frustrated actress, believe me I recognize this in people, and she's make a big drama out of my credit card charges and I think this is the last thing my Mom needs right before surgery. Later in the day we have to go meet with the guy who is handling all of the trust moneys at Charles Schwab, something else I'm not looking forward to.

Here at the house I have repairs to see to and room switching arrangements to get on top of. I want to make Beau's rooms really organized for him to get him off to a good start, study and play wise, for the new school year. I'm excited for him that he'll be starting this new private school. We've been getting mail from them and there are some parties coming up. It's cool that his class seems so diverse ethnically and economically. The telephone system is messed up and we can't seem to page and intercom each other as easily as we could before. Thank God the air conditioning is working as it's been super hot here in LA. I have mountains of mail to keep going through and the phones are completely filled with messages. There's still more e-mail to wade backwards through and my crazy compulsive eBay shopping to be paid for.

Animal wise, the cats are passing their flu bug back and forth. We're dealing with feline kidney disease and a few eye infections. One of our rats needs medication as she is elderly and keeps having lung problems. My chinchilla is looking under stimulated and needs some attention. The bunny situation is out of control, anyone want a sweet baby rabbit, we have lots, and the ferrets need to get some exercise outside of their play pen sleep habitat.

Health wise I'm not getting much exercise, I need to walk and get out of here, I need more green foods, and I'm not sure what's up with my possible staph strep thing. My lava/coral wound is well on the mend though but I took my last antibiotic today so I hope I'll hold up without them. My appointment with the weight loss surgeon is coming up in October, I honestly can't wait, I want this over with, whatever it takes. I'm not sleeping well. I don't get tired until around three in the morning and then with my bladder zinginess and the fibromyalgia, weeee, I don't get much sleep and wake up tired and hurting.

Our new housekeeper/helper Irma is turning out to be a real sweetheart and I'm so grateful we found her and are over that nightmare hurdle of looking for someone. Irma made quesadillas with her home made tortillas today and Beau loves them. He's a super picky eater, so yeay for that. Today is Esther's son Eduardo's birthday so we called and wished him a Happy Birthday. I got him enrolled at a high school near us and he is really happy there. I wish I could get him to go to Pali but Esther says he doesn't want to switch. Saida is trying to work her way around my fortress of phone, door, and mail screening, so she come by and bring Freddy over. I don't want Freddy to come by anymore and I feel really sad about it. He violated my trust one too many times and I just can't feel comfortable having him around. I talked to him about it several times, he kept stealing things and lying, then I talked to his Mom and she was extremely defensive and totally unaccountable. What can I do? Adelina is pregnant and is going to move to Utah. Noemi is happy with her new job and I sent a postcard to her but still have tons of stamps I've been collecting for her that I have to send. I don't know what's happened to Coco but that's just as well. I miss her from time to time but she's big trouble and it's better this way.

Tuesday, August 13

I have got to see http://www.puppetryofthepenis.com/Puppetry of the Penis. I kept hearing about it but now it's finally come to LA and it's at The Coronet Theatre of all places. Hunh, I wrote this this morning and now I'm back and I bought tickets for the first week of September. Time is weird isn't it, especially in journal land. I've always had trouble with time though, I don't understand it, and I definitely do not believe in the linear theory of it.

Today was a kind of vibrating, stressful but interesting day, filled with calls and visits from wonderful people. Sunday, my editor/pal, stopped in to have me sign the release and to show me the pictures from the latest shoot of our house for Mary Englebreit magazine, sigh, this has been going on for soooo long, and to have me sign the release. At least now we have a date for publication, April 2003. Bleh, my taste changes so quickly and I'm not really thrilled at the way my dining room looked but I wasn't here to help and she did a terrific job with what she had to work with. it looks kind of Caribbean and funky, all green and blue with bananas, pineapples and mangos. Weird. I wish I could share the pictures with you but I wasn't there to take any myself, and all I've seen are the Polaroids. They'll send me copies a few months before the article comes out so I can look them over while they interview me. It's funny because the reality of my home style is that it's a complete disaster with animals wandering everywhere, sheer craziness.

My little sister (did any of you ever have little sisters in school?) from high school, Tara, called me today. I've always loved her and never see her. What a nice surprise. I hope we get together. I say this kind of thing all the time though about dear old pals from school who find me and look me up, then I never get together with them. Argh.

A friend of mine from the neighborhood died on Friday. I only just found out about it. His name was/is David and he was paralyzed and used a wheel chair to get around. He was shot in a random drive by shooting when he was a teenager. He had just been sitting on a bench waiting for a bus and someone shot him. It ruined his life. He couldn't find a way around the physical and psychic pain of it. He was always upset about his Father and suffered over his poor treatment of his family. The dad was a serial monogamist who would create families and then abandon them, reserving all of his energy and money for the latest trophy wife and kids. Bastard. David was always hoping his father would give him a new computer or a van. I always saw him wheeling around the neighborhood with his dog Zoe. I would sit on the curb and we would talk for hours. Sometimes we'd go to the dog park.

He was on so many pain pills that it was often hard to understand him and he took a super long time to get around to saying what was on his mind. I tried to get my neighbor, who founded a wonderful charity that helps terminally ill children to offer some suggestions as to what I could do for him, but she's so busy and ailing adults is not her forte. I wish I could have done more. He had open heart surgery about six months ago and he would go in pretty regularly to have some procedure done. This last time he arrested and the nurse at UCLA forgot to turn his heart monitor on so no one came in and tried to resuscitate him. He was alone like that for anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours, no one knows. By the time someone got to him he was brain dead. His poor Mother, oh my God, his poor Mother, and his brother had to make the decision to disconnect him from life support. I know that he is somewhere beautiful and that everything happens for a reason, but he was my pal and I'll miss him. I'm going to go see his Mom but I'm trying to think of what I can take over there. I don't think she'll want any more flowers, maybe I can offer to walk Zoe for her. Poor Zoe.

Wow, I just bought the book Miracle in Maui. Last night I took it over to my Mom's house to give it to her and tonight the author just happens to be on Art Bell and I called my Mom and got her to listen to it. Pretty wonderful miraculous synchronicity hunh?


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