Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

OMG Phil Hendrie is just burning up the air tonight. He's doing his Irish Priest character, Father McQuarters, and it is so funny. He's playing a priest who is happy that the heat will be taken off the beleaguered Catholic Church's sex scandals and better focused on the "atrocity" of two people having had sex in St Paul's Cathedral for a radio stunt. I don't know anyone who can come up with stuff as inflammatory as this guy on such a regular basis. It's just such a blast listening to the poor duped callers expressing their utter shock and outrage at the things his "guests" say. I mean there is noooo way a priest would act like this. Whooping it up with a bottle of gallo and hammering away on the organ keys. He said having sex in the "summer house of the lord" is so bad that well, "you might as well leave the money shot on the Lord's pillow." Oh and then there's his Irish accent that goes up and down like a staircase, I wish could do it for you. I'm sorry, I'm a Catholic, and I feel guilty for laughing, but I think that was so funny I'm still chuckling. The whole bit with Father Sheehan and the organ, oh, sigh, I just love this guy.

Big friendly hugs from a fellow Phil fan,

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