Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Isn't this a cute card?
(card moved to accomodate pal's tinier browsers, but I may get naughty and rebel at some future point in time,)

Well, we didn't find out little mouse/rat/kangaroo pal. Thanks so much for the great ideas, we're trying them, so wish us luck. I think maybe she got out, which would be a better alternative to her being in here with all of these rodent chasing monkey cats hanging around. I just hate thinking of her stuck in the walls of my house or in the attic without food and water. Maybe she found her way out somehow.

One of our fire alarms went off tonight. I know I should appreciate the little life saving buggers but mostly I just want to take a bat to them and whack away. We have some super high ceilings here and these guys are wired in to the electrical system so it just doesn't make sense to me that they get weird on us sometimes and start chirping in this horrible high pitch. I always think it must mean that the battery needs replacing but we can never figure it out and it's so hard to get to them. Tonight we stood on a chair and some boxes, yanked it off the ceiling and ran with it down the hall and ended up tossing it into my son's old bedroom.

You know I remember when someone wrote to me and asked me not to post such wide cards because they mess up the design of her friend's page. I used to worry about this kind of thing but now I think, bah, how shallow, who cares how a page looks, this is all about freedom of expression and if I lived in a trailer park I'd go for a double wide anyway. Right? Does this need to make sense, why no it doesn't.

There was some amazing music written in the seventies, yup, there was. It makes me wonder what else Cat Stevens would have written if he hadn't become such a devout Muslim. Okay that's it I'm going to go to bed before I say some other wacky thing. Besides I was feeling too yucky to hang out with my Scott-man, I should be sleeping, yeah that's right. I'm really feeling sad about not going to Burning Man this year. All of our pals are packing up and leaving, boo.


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