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Oops I forgot to post my mood and music. Hmm this is going to be hard. I'm thinking we could use categories like what I'm eating, and what sounds I'm hearing.

Current Food: Apple Fritters
Current Drink: Lukewarm Coke
Current Mood By My Definition: Hot, Tired and Pissy
Current Sounds: Distand Freeway White Noise and Cockatiels Crunching Their Seed
Clothing Optional Switch: Set To Naked
Current Mind/Spirit Modality: Talk Therapy Combined With Antidepressants, Jungian Dream Analysis, Some Astrology, Tarot, Love of Nuns, Angels and His Holiness The Dalai Lama,
Attitude Towards Ex: Disdain Mode Set To High
Attitude Towards Gore's Choice of VP Running Mate: Jubilant!

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