Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh yeay the Anna Nicole marathon has started, yeay. I get some completely fun mindless television to take my mind off the angstyness of my life and the lives of the people around me. "Pink, pink, pink, frilly pink, my favorite colour. I loooove it, I just love it so much." She calls her boobs her bad boys and has named them Bob and Stan. Sometimes I think I would like to know her, be her friend, I actually like her drama, and her druggy way of talking, and her sexual honesty, and her sexual manipulations, and her weight problems, but then she'll be really nasty to one of her friends on the show, and I think she just can't be that dumb and mean and outrageous. But that's what makes for goood viewin' yup. "Come on big boy. Come on I dare you. Come on you know you want to. Come on. Come on." It's like the Osbournes, but not as much fun because this show seems so much more artificial and staged. Hey it's something to do while I pay for my compulsive eBay shopping. "My Hello Kitty TV, pretty TV." Oh nooooo please not an ad for Bobby Trendy, yech. Now this guy makes me sick. I hate people like this. He seems like such a leech.

What are you guys doing tomorrow? We don't know yet what we're doing. Scott wants to get away and be in nature somewhere. That would be so nice but where could we go that isn't that far from LA?

I want this dress so badly. I just had to show it to you but please don't bid against me, please?

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