Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Earthquakes, Shopping for Perfume, Full Frontal, Bruddah Iz, and the Dog Park

Hi Everyone,

We just had a little earthquake, did anyone feel it? 4.6 no damage or injuries. Its weirdly synchronistic because the Art Bell repeat show tonight is about earthquakes. I was sitting in my bathroom cleaning my skin when it hit. It was the weirdest feeling, like being drunk or woozy, I swayed a bit before my California Earthquake Gal skills snapped in place. I dropped my things, jumped up, grabbed my dress, (I'm always naked and I just don't want to wind up outside in front of my neighbors without clothes,) and bolted for Beau, (my twelve year old son, who has been seriously afraid of earthquakes, ever since the stupid LAUSD funded this earthquake project, where someone built a mobile classroom earthquake simulator, and forced the kids to go in it,) only to find it stopped as suddenly as it started, and I was left standing there wondering if I'd imagined the whole thing. It usually happens like this, it starts, you have this moment of wondering whether its an earthquake or just a big truck or something else, you get this surge of adrenaline, then once you identify it as an earthquake you wonder if its ending or if its building towards the big one, all the while trying to figure out the smartest safest thing to do. It takes just seconds for all of this to happen. Usually they stop before you're certain they're happening. When they're bad though, they are really bad. I've been through two bad ones, one in the seventies when I was a little girl that threw me out of my bed, and once more during the Northridge quake, the force of which knocked me to the floor and pinned me there, leaving me to ride it out with my ex husband's friend Pericles' two little dogs.

I had a fairly good day today. How about you? I took myself to Century City to see Full Frontal. I like it, a lot. I missed the beginning so I was a little confused but I found my place pretty quickly. There were some really terrific moments, some very funny scenes, great cameos, I thought it was a brave move for someone of Steven Soderbergh's caliber to make. Same goes for the actors. It was very funny in a wry way. I want to see it again before I write anything more about it.

I also went shopping and spent more than I could afford to, on perfume at Bloomingdales, but I had fun doing it. I bought Shiseido base and moisturizer and their perfume Zen, Mac Spice, the world's best lip pencil, and Twig and one other lipstick, Chanel mascara, a new perfume called Sexual that they were pushing pretty hard "it has two aphrodisiacs, and the same oils that Cleopatra used, ooooh", Annick Goutal's Eau D'Hadrien, Vera Wang's new scent, and two more for Esther and Irma, a jasminey tuberose blend of some kind, Clinique's Happy, and something else, i don't remember what. They sure are nice to you when you're spending excessively, yup, money can buy you attentiveness, no wonder people like to shop. There were three people who helped me a tough young Russian gal who had no sense of time, an older saleswoman who looked like Sharon Osbourne plus plus plus, and a sexually ambiguous guy with an awesome chin, dimples for days. I also browsed purse land and thought about buying Esther a cute Mexican themed beaded bag, (I owe her one because my cats peed on hers,) and I wanted to go to the Swatch store as well but I didn't have time.

My new favorite meal is a noodle stir fry with veggies, tofu and teriyaki sauce. I crave it. I was late for the movie and didn't have time to eat my lunch, so I got it to go and snuck it in to the theatre. Whenever I do this I feel this intense shyness. I don't want anyone to hear the crinkle of the bag, the snap of the plastic lids, or to be able to smell the food. So I was pretty mortified sitting there in this quiet theatre when I opened my giant, crackling, plastic container full of pungent stir fry, and a cloud of steam wafted upwards, steam pouring out of the container for a full ten minutes, I'm not kidding. All I could do was laugh at myself and my silly discomfort, I mean who really cares that this woman sitting in practically the front row, is eating veggie stir fry, instead of popcorn or processed spicy cheese nachos?

After the movie Scott came over and we took the doggies to the dog park. They were so happy. Puppy, our pit dalmation monkey mix, got in to her usual trouble with the smaller dogs, she plays too roughly and they complain too loudly, but luckily everyone was super calm and it was fine. I just get scared because I have this secret inner fear of her pitbullishness and I'm waiting for the day when she'll just lock down on someone's ugly little poof of a dog. Jack, our big mixed up wolf doggy, did his usual run around and ignore us while casting the occasional sideways glance our way, and Spirit, our black standard cat killing poodle, was loyal and sweet as usual, and made me hate myself for not really being able to forgive or trust him. We met a nice couple who were a lot like us and we had fun talking with them until it got dark. Scott was great about everything. He really helped a lot and was kind and supportive. He's always kind and supportive. I'm a lucky gal, blink, blink, smile.

We ordered dinner in and watched a short documentary about Maui, sigh, and a movie about my beloved Bruddah Iz, Israel Kamakawiwoole. Scott went home because he has to get up early for work, Beau went to sleep because we're getting him ready for his new school hours and I came in here to give Miss Ratty her medicines and check in with all of you. Mom is doing really well. Interesting nice lucky day.

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