Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm feeling so sick today, blech, stomach flu buggy thing, I think. I wrote a long entry earlier with links and things but it was gobbled up when my computer froze while I was looking at a fellow Live Journaler's Burning Man pictures. I hate when that happens, it feels like a little piece of journal history that's blown away.

Here's a card I won on ebay. I can't resist these old postcards. I'm going to grab myself by the scruff of my little cat neck and make myself go to sleep so I'll be able to wake up tommorrow at the unGodly hour of six and wake up the Beau child for his first day at his new school. Wish him luck : )

There are two more of these cards here.

Okay now this one has a clown, and I'm not a big clown fan, had some trauma there, but I love the colours and this clown is kind of cool looking.

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