Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

American Idol

No wonder everyone is watching this show, it's so heartbreaking. I saw maybe one episode a long while ago, and then a couple of snippets of it now and then. I thought Simon was so mean I couldn't bear to watch another episode, but with all of the hype, and all of the salespeople at Frontrunners (the shoe store where we bought Beau some new shoes for school, Tom Hanks was in there yesterday,) hurrying us along so they could get home in time to watch it, I thought maybe I'd better give it another chance.

The recap was great, I know its not the same as watching it all summer, but at least I understand a bit of what's going on. Of course I'm the kind of person who wants everyone to win. I couldn't stand seeing that beautiful singer who got sick get eliminated, it was so sad when Paula said it was like watching Ali get knocked down for the first time. If I had to choose between the two people left tonight I would have such a hard time, they're both so sweet and cute. I guess I'd pick Kelly because she seems pretty raw and powerful and she's a gal, but I love Jason's afro and cute sexy vibe. God would I have tried to get on this show if they had it when I was in my early twenties.

I've gotta say though, rock on, for all the kids who were brave enough to go there and stand up to Simon when he called them losers. I swear I know it's all about believing in yourself. I mean obviously you have to be able to sing, and you've got to have a certain amount of style and presence but people's opinions are just that. I loved it when Simon called one kid boring and he said, "Boring? You know what I think is boring? Guys who wear all black." Ouch. And I guess I'm kind of sorry I missed all of the fun moments like this;

"That British guy that's on the end? He's an ass. He can go kiss mine. He don't know nothing, he can just kiss my fuckin ass. And that black mother fucker on the end? He don't know nothin''. And Paula Abdul? She's just jealous." - Tamika

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