Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Twisted Dicks, French Food, and Sex Games

Well, that was interesting. I think I actually liked the warm up comedian more than the show. I thought they were going to do more spectacular things with their penii. It was fun going to see something risque, but maybe I've become a bit blase about things like this, having been Miss Go Naked for so long now, because it wasn't shocking in the least. Just a couple of sweet friendly naked guys from Australia playing with their dicks. They mostly made cute little mushy shapes with them, nothing extraordinary, no lifting of heavy objects, no giant erections, just snails, the Loch Ness Monster, the Eiffel Tower, undersea creatures, that sort of thing. There was a camera in the front row that captured the close up willy action and projected it on a screen for the people in the back, that was a wee bit intense. I mean you could really see everything, hair, veins, the whole deal.

There was a funny bit where they asked an assistant to come up from the audience, man you'd have to be really game to volunteer for something like that, and this kind of shy woman came up. It was her birthday and her friends were egging her on. Her friends said she wanted dick for her birthday so they brought her to this show. The guys had her come up onstage, where she was essentially a spotter for one of them, who did a handstand and spread out his legs. She supported him by holding his legs. She kept peeking over his groin though so she could see what he was doing with his cock. He wiggled his bits around and said he was a vampire bat. I didn't see that, but what was funny was that they snapped off a Polaroid of this hapless woman, standing there with her head peeking out between this naked guys legs, while the other guy made a sort of, ta da, gesture on the side. Then they projected it on the screen and used it to embarrass this woman, it was really funny.

After the show we went to a little French bistro called, of all things, The Little French Bistro, and had a nice meal. Then we dragged ourselves home and hung out together in the library for a while and admitted to ourselves that we were too tired for any slave and master loveplay. You know I'm kidding about the Slave and the Master bit, it was really more like the French Maid and the Poodle, no seriously we're more into the Big Bad Cop and the Hooker, or is it the Dirty Little Schoolboy and Sister Marguerita? I can't remember. Whatever it is we usually like to do, we were too tired to do it.

Here's a cute Halloween postcard I like. What I really love about it are the goblins. Aren't they the cutest thing you ever saw. Who would be afraid of them, I want to kiss them. I want to draw them.

And I like this one too, more goblins, and veggie people, and moon faces.

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