Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Pie and Kai'iki

Beau's school is so cool that when they asked the kids to write a report, and Beau kiddingly said he'd like to write a report about pie, they said yes. He's been hooked on this pie thing ever since I sent him this link to a hysterically funny series of flash animations about these little egg people named Bob and Weebl who are obsessed with pie. I found this on Ilk's journal and I think it's just so funny. We can't stop doing the pie thing around here. We've memorized all the lines and keep saying, "Lo Bob, Lo", and "Pie Good, Try Pie Try", to each other.

Anyway I've just learned that pie was introduced to America by the Italians and the English. The first pies were Roman. The first recorded pie recipe is from 1500 and it's a goat cheese and honey pie with a rye crust. The earliest pies were meat and savory type of pies and fruit pies came later. Queen Elizabeth I was said to have baked the first cherry pie. I would so love that if it were true. Maybe she could have baked it when she was younger, long before she was crowned. The traditional apple pie that we are familiar with was perfected by the Pennsylvania Dutch. There, a bit of pie history for you. I wish I had a piece right now. I like pie. Pie goood. Marie Calendar's pie, reallly gooood.

Okay, off I go to finish up this little photo thing I'm making of our other new baby cat Kai'iki.

Whoosh I'm back, and it only took a few hours. This is Kai'iki. We got him before we got Sydsu. I've been looking for Kai'iki for five years. He's a flame point Siamese monkey boy. I love him sooo much. He's a purr monster.

I took these pictures of him napping today by my computer and then put them together so you could see him. I've been meaning to do this for about three weeks, so I feel pretty accomplished. Plus I went through a big box of books even though I'm sick, yeay.


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