Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

A Leetle Song and Playing with Pagers

So cute, Beau and Andrea just came in my office and said they wanted to sing a song for me. Beau had his bongos and little Andrea was carrying my guitar. Beau counted to three and they played and sung;

My dog has fleas
Your dog has fleas
My dog has fleas
Your dog has fleas
Yes, they have fleas

I don't know, it was just so cute with Andrea trying to strum this guitar that's way to big for her, and Beau whacking away his accompaniment on the bongos. Ahhh kids, these are the moments I live for.

Scott and I have text pagers so we can talk to each other when we're apart. Although now that I have a cell phone, we haven't been using them as much. In fact we both let our batteries run out and were just talking about it on the phone. I changed mine and Scott promised to change his as soon as he got home. He said, "Ha, now you'll see how many messages I sent that you never received," and I said, "No, now you'll see how many of my messages you never received."

The funny things is, he's right. I'm really bad about the pagers, I forget to check mine, and the poor man writes to me and I often miss his messages. Poor Scott, it's so unfair. In this case I really didn't get any of his messages, and I never wrote any to him, so I had to hustle up some messages to send so that when he changes out the battery, and the satellite sends them all in bulk, it'll look like I've been writing for days. Although he's too smart to be duped by my evil plan, but it was fun to do anyway.

My Messages to Mr. Scott

1.) Oh me oh my you never get my messages.
2.) What's a gal to do when her Scotti never gets her messages?
3.) Man, here I am paging you for days and days and you never get back to me anymore : (
4.) Whassa matter, your battery dead or something?
5.) Hi Darling. Another day, another message, and still no response from you. Don't you love me anymore?
6.) You're cruel to make me wait like this. I'm getting lonely. Write back please?!?
7.) Damn, you just won't respond will you? Is it something I said? I'm so horny and the UPS man is starting to look good to me.
8.) I'm sorry honey, I don't know how to break this to you, but Roy and I are having an affair. We did it right in the back of his van amidst all those sexy boxes. Roy has a pager and he gets back to me.
9.) I just thought I'd let you know, (as if you cared you callous bastard), that Roy and I were married last weekend in Reno, and I'm moving in with him.
10.) One last page to let you know that I'm having Roy's little UPS babies. How do you like that? I shan't write again. Good-bye my love.

You think he'll be surprised? You know, this is one of those things about which my ever pragmatic and often hurtful Mother would say, "Well, dear, all I can say is, it certainly must be nice to have so much free time on your hands. Some of us have more important things to do."

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