Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

My friend's dog died and I'm so sad. I don't see him, my neighbor, very much, but I loved his dog so much. His name was Dundee and he was this amazing little guy. He was fifteen and my friend Brian finally had to put him to sleep. He was this super frisbee catching dog. I knew he was going to die because he was just hobbling along, he could hardly walk and he was peeing on himself all the time. About a week ago I felt the loss of his presence but I didn't want to face it so I pretended like he was still here and everything was as usual. Anyway today, in order to keep a promise to Scott, I had to wade through my messages and there was an old one from about a week ago from Brian. I called him back but I found myself blabbing away about this little present I had bought for him and meant to bring by, filling in the pauses in the conversation so he wouldn't have a chance to tell me. When I realized what I was doing I caught myself and started crying and said, "Brian, I think I'm blabbing away so I won't have to hear you say that Dundee died," then when he said he did I started sobbing and still am. Anyone would have loved this dog, he was so special.

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