Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

On Vacation in Cambria

(sorry image had to go, too wide, love ya)
This is the view from our hotel. We go to the beach every day and look for moonstones. We are getting better and better at this. Everyone tells us a different story about moontstones. Someone says they come from the mountains via a creek and someone else says they come from a reef just ofshore. We are told that they can only be found here on this stretch of beach, and someone else says they are outer space stones that fell from the sky. There's even a legend about a little Indian girl who chanced banishment from her tribe by sharing her meager ration of water with a seagull during a drought. Flying away, the grateful seagul rained moonstones down upon the beach.

Apparently the ones that can be found on this beach are a kind of agate, or chalcedony quartz. It seems likely that they are pieces of coral that have been polished by the sea and the sand.

We hunt for the clear stones that have a kind of opaque or white chalky substance on them. They feel weird too, kind of gummy. It's so much fun. They sort of shimmer and wink out at you from the sand.

The beach with the biggest moonstones is the least visited, because it is further away and harder to get to. We had fun there and met a nice couple who gave us their caps when they left. We sat together for a while and dug through the rocks together. They were really good at finding them and had a bag full. Thinking them lucky, they wanted to find as many as possible before buying their lottery tickets that night.

These moonstones are not the same stones that we see in jewelry. Those stones are more irridescent and come from Myanmar and madagascar. Nevertheless these little stones are quite pretty and fun to hunt for and are reputed to bring good luck, ballance yin and yang, strengthen mind, body and spirit, and inspire passion. No wonder I'm spending so much time looking for them ; )

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