Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Will you just look at my friend Jen's Kitty drawings? Is she not the most talented gal on the planet? I love my friend.

Remember the beautiful drawing she made of my inner me? I am so in awe of her talent, sigh.

PS: Scotti I actually called the divorce attorney and the gynecologist. Miss Terrible Divorce Attorney needs firing, she hasn't done the paperwork that she promised, she was abrupt and rude and told me she had been through all kinds of crises since moving, then towards the end she finally apologized. It's clear that I'm a super low priority because I'm such a nice grrrrl, grrrrr. I told her to get it right out, please and thank you. She used Robby's not returning his financial paperwork as an excuse for not doing her job and I called her on it. I think I need to get someone else, fuuuuck, where will I get the money? I called Robby to tell him to stop torturing me by dragging this whole damned thing out, but I couldn't get through to him at all. His cell phone isn't working, it rings and then disconnects, and his home phone number has been disconnected. I know he is an irresponsible infant but it enrages me nevertheless. He is so damned irresponsible, he wants to play Dad on the Sundays when he isn't fencing, calls Beau at eleven at night, and can't be reached when we need him, he is such a loser. The gynecologist can't see me till the end of October unless I take a ten-thirty in the morning on October fourth, so I took the 10:30 even though I'm breaking my own rule. God I hope I can make it. You know how bad I am about getting anywhere in the morning. I did it, I did it, yeay. I only did it because I couldn't bear letting another week go by and seeing your disappointment. Thanks for helping me honey, I know it wasn't easy for you. I feel good about firing Miss Hurry Up I'm Doing You a Big Favor, I Sell Panties On TV, the gynecologist. Now I just have to work up the courage to let her know and get copies of my files over to the new doctor. Here's to my not putting up with sub par consideration and service from anyone else anymore.

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