Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I wanted this card but I was being good so I didn't bid on it and it went for a measly fourteen dollars, maaaaan. I love anything Mardigras related. I have the coolest little chenille Krampus figurine. He's black and fuzzy and has the longest tail.

I'm sick, again. I caught a cold just when I was getting over the flu, blah.

Thanks so much my wonderful Live Journal pals for all your terrific comments. I appreciate them so much. I try to write back to everyone but it's so hard especially when I'm sick. I'm just in here for a few minutes anyway so I can put together this birthday card for Beau's friend's Mom.

We're babysitting her son today and I want to have something to give her when she comes to pick him up. She's really into Yogananda so I found all of these great pictures and was going to put together a digital collage, print it out, and put it in this window card thing, but my color ink just ran out. I'm going to convert it to black and white, print it out, then hand color it with pencils and glue on some sequins. Although this just makes me sad for my friend Susan whose birthday I missed completely this year, although she missed mine as well, argh, birthdays, I always stress out too much over them.

I wish I could just pop my head off and put it in my steam shower without my body for about thirty minutes.

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