Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Buttons...yum...mmmmmm mmmmmmm buttons! I collect buttons, well, what don't I collect, bowling balls, that's what I don't collect, but I almost wanted to when I found one at an antique mall and gave it to my friend for her birthday. It was so fat and round, heavy and colorful. It looked like it just wanted to be my friend, to come home with me and pose as a roll the ball challenge for my kitties.

Up late as usual, oh wait, shoot, I promised Scott I'd go to bed by one, damn that means I have to hurry. Now why did I have to remember that? I'm watching reallly old Dharma and Greg reruns, so sweet.

PS: Have you guys seen that ad for Ikea where this woman throws out her old lamp and replaces it? There's this sad music and the little lamp's head sways back and forth like it's slightly confused yet innocently trusting it's mother as she abandons it to the cold dark street in the rain? I know it's supposed to be funny, but it realllllly upsets me. Every time it comes on I have to look away, seriously, how sick does this make me?

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