Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Mind Over Matter - Hurricane Lili, and Pie

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys, I know this is going to sound crazy but last night on Art Bell, George Noory, who was filling in for him, asked all of us to pray/meditate/visualize Hurricane Lili's losing strength before it reached Louisiana, so I did, along with about five million other listeners. I sat here and prayed and visualized the storm losing it's force before it reached land, and of course my beloved New Orleans.

This was my first chance to sign on and when I read this I was floored;

More than a million people in Texas and Louisiana had been warned to clear out as the hurricane closed in with terrifying intensity. But in an overnight transformation even forecasters could not fully explain, Lili weakened from a 145-mph, Category 4 hurricane to a Category 2. - CBS Worldwide Inc.

Just last night on Charlie Rose I heard Christophere Reeve speaking about miracles and the ability to make the seemingly impossible happen with the power of thought, and now this. I'm so happy. It's such a faith booster. Every time Art has done one of these mass mind experiments it's worked. Who knows how many people all over this country were praying for this, but I believe together we affected the weakening of this storm. Think me naive, whatever you like, but I really believe something special happened last night. The universe is just not as random and out of our control as we'd like to think, how else do you explain the New York Lottery selecting the numbers 911 on September 11th if not for all of the people all over the world thinking those very numbers. Princeton has been conducting a study along these lines for several years now. I am now absolutely convinced of the power of mind over matter.

Oh and on a lighter note, tonight is pie night for us. Beau had to come up with two more pages about pie (the pastry) for his school report, so we're going to conduct a pie tasting experience at Marie Callendar's to give him something else to write about, fun, pie, yeay.

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