Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I Hate the News, My Gynecological Concerns, Punch Drunk Love, and the Pie Tasting Contest

What kind of an asshole would leave a poor dog tied to a tree when there's a hurricane coming? A dead body washed ashore in Malibu. Pictures of a sad looking Gwyneth Paltrow grieving over the death of her father. So sad. I hate the news.

The pie tasting competition is off or well, postponed : ( I'm still not well enough to go out, sigh. But Beau's okay with it because he has a lot of math homework to catch up on from the days he missed, and he was worried about how he was going to get it all done and go out for pies. Maybe we'll do it Sunday with Irma and her kids. I am hardly getting to see my beloved Scott though and I miss him so much.

Tomorrow is New Gynecologist Day. Wish me luck. We'll be covering a veritable buffet of topics such as, why is Jacqui so fat, where did her period go, why does she have these cysties, and are there more or less now, and how big and/or dangerous are they, what should we do about her sex drive, are her hormones nicely balanced or is she experiencing early menopause, what about her Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome and last but never least, is there anything we can do about her fabulous intersitital cystitis and her burning scarred up bladder? Weeeee sounds like fun doesn't it. I'd put it off even longer if it weren't for Scott.

And Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk Love is coming out with Adam Sandler and Emily Watson. I love Paul Thomas Anderson and Emily Watson is so vulnerable and honest as an actor so I'm really looking forward to it. Awesome career move for Adam Sandler. I hope it works for him.

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