Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This made me so happy it made me cry, or well, it gave me sad nose. Does anyone know what that is? That feeling you get when your nose kind of sting/tingles because something touches you? My ex and I both used to experience this so we named it sad nose and it was one of those couple things that I miss. Anyway I'm posting this not because I did anything extraordinary and want to pat myself on the back but because it's an example of how you can pass kindness on (Beau says it reminds him of the movie Pass It Forward with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt.) All I did was send a little extra. I like to increase the bid amounts when things sell too low. I hate for people to get so little for things that are going to make me so happy, so when I can afford it I'll increase the bid a bit. I think it brings me more joy than I think it could ever bring anyone else, plus it reminds me of Sister Judith, long story.

Dear Jacqui,

Just a note to let you know that I mailed your package on Thursday. I also want to thank you for being such a great customer and I have already left you positive feedback on e-Bay.

Just to tell you thank you for your extra kindness isn't enough, Jacqui, so what I did was pass your kindness on. I bought some hairclips from one of my customers made from my buttons, and I paid her Paypal fees. I also shipped a hanky priority mail, instead of first class, to a lady getting married next weekend. I tucked an extra hanky in her box in case she had missed someone. All this was because of you. You did something nice for a stranger, so I in turn passed the good will on. Perhaps they will pass it on too!

Thank you again, and have a wonderful weekend!

Kind regards,

Tomorrow is neghborhood garage sale day. We are all looking forward to this, fun, fun, fun.


PS Beau asked me tonight if I was raised in the wild by forest sprites and fairies. Is that the cutest thing or what? Love my son, sigh. Now he's singing book time.


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