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What I've Been Doing Lately, Halloween Decorating, and Storage Auctions.

Hi Guys,

It's me, your Juggling Balls, bear friend. Sorry I haven't been posting much, I've been sick so long and now that I'm just starting to feel better, there's just so much to try to catch up with. Last Wednesday was one of my first days out of the house but I went out because I just couldn't let me friend Susan down. I went to see a preview of her one woman show which was terrific. Like most actor's she's super hard on herself so we (her pals) came by to preview it and give her feedback. I'm really glad I went, but it just knocked me out. By the end I was weak and sweaty and should have gone straight home but I promised Beau I would pick something up from the art store for him so I stopped there and grabbed a few supplies and then came home and collapsed.

Thursday was the lovely visit to the weight loss surgeon, oodles of fun. Saturday I got up early and went to some of the neighborhood garage sales. I bought a ton of clothes for Irma for very little money, well, compared to what they were worth. Then I came home, slept for two hours and then went out again. I can't even remember what I did all day, but I was out for hours and hours. Oh I remember, I rented a storage unit, which was my big accomplishment for the day. Then I came home and cleaned off the porch, lots of boxes and things.

Sunday I went to the Rose Bowl swap meet, which is always fun. Beau didn't feel like coming, he's such a guy when it comes to shopping, why is that? Guys and shopping. I don't get it. Anyway I barely had enough energy to walk from my car to the front gate to buy tickets, let alone walk around in this enormous place, but I managed to walk quite a bit. I can't believe how weak and out of shape you can get, and how much weight you can gain, laying around for three weeks. The upside of laying around though is that you can catch up on TV and see lots of old movies. That's always fun.

I can tell how much better I am though by the fact that I want to get out of here and do things. When I was at my sickest I couldn't even get up and go downstairs, and there was no way I wanted to go anywhere, not even the lure of new film releases, (I can't write that without hearing the voice of the 777-film guy in my head), or the promise of shopping could lure me out of bed. You know I was just like this one year ago around this time, isn't that weird. I remember writing about it all the time in here and promising people that I would get together with them when I finally felt well enough to. Argh, grrrr, no likey.

What did I buy at the Rose Bowl? Well, I bought lots of silly little things that I like, like these two teenie chenille figurines with funny curly gold hair and glitter for three dollars, and a Steiff badger with a chewed on foot, and a big pink furry dolly with a sticky plastic face, and old wedding pictures, and old photos of children, and vintage party favors, little pale green nut cups, and a glass confetti ring, two vintage dresses to sell on eBay, one is covered in black sequins and the other is this gorgeous pink raw silk, oh and I got a great purple tulle skirt to wear to Burning Man or just to the market if I like, yes, and just a bunch of stuff to resell on eBay. I bought lots of fun things for Irma and the kids. We had a pretty terrific time. My feet were killing me though and cold overpriced slushy lemonade never tasted so good.

Monday I took all of the kids to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch and we bought six bales of hay to spread all over the front yard and about a dozen pumpkins. Irma's kids went in the moon bounce and Beau and his pal Steven chased each other around and had fun scaring the girls. When we came home we spread the hay everywhere and put the pumpkins around. We bought a big scary skeleton man and put him on top of my big lifeguard chair in the front yard. His bony arms and hands are resting on the pumpkins. We still haven't brought out all of the boxes of decorations. I think we'll do that Friday and then start really getting into it Saturday. We go crazy for Halloween here, it's so much fun, and all of the neighbor's and their kids kind of count on us for it.

Tuesday I went to my first storage auction sales. I'd been hearing about these for years and years and just never had the courage, or the money, or know how to go. I'm gearing up to sell more seriously on eBay so I wanted to kind of suss it out. Basically the storage companies hold these sales once a month where they auction off the entire contents of an abandoned unit to the highest bidder. They cut the lock and all of the people there are allowed to try to squeeze past each other to stand at the very edge of the unit and peer in. Based on what you can glean from just looking in from the doorway, you bid on the contents, pay with cash, and then are responsible for clearing everything out, whether you want it or not, within seventy-two hours.

It was definitely interesting watching this whole process. People are sure serious about it. None of the stuff interested me too much. It was all newer things and pretty junky. You could sort of guess at what would be in the boxes by the way everything was piled up, what was written on things, and whatever was laying around unpacked. One unit went for two thousand dollars, it was all tools. Three Korean men bought it. Another one went for seventy-five dollars and was just some guy's stuff, a lot of rumpled clothes just tossed in on top of boxes. I was talking to one of the other people there and he said he has to be careful not to take too much time with any of the stuff he buys. That if he gets too interested or involved in the person's personal affects, by say reading his letters or papers, he gets really depressed.

How sad for the people who lose their things. Although it's pretty easy to sneak in and take the best of what you have out before they foreclose on the unit. I remember when Robby, (my ex), and I had storage units, and he was going to lose his because he hadn't paid, I was able to get some of the stuff I had given him, (when I packed all of his stuff up and put it in storage), and move it back to my unit. I didn't want to lose these things that I shouldn't have even given him in the first place, just because he hadn't paid his storage bill for two or three months. I had paid for a month or two for him in advance and he could have moved his stuff out or done something, but it looked like he was going to lose everything and then just days before he was going to lose it all he came and took it. I think he pawned or sold anything I ever gave him that was valuable, which just makes me sad so I should shut up about this, yep.

My ex and I used to go to these garage sales where this man would just put out TONS of junk. He would have them maybe twice a year and he had this big mailing list for them. He told us way back then that all of this stuff came from his storage auction buying. He'd wind up with dozens of everything you could imagine, towels, sheets, lamps, tools, kitchen utensils, records, books, jewelry, posters, toys and so much more. He'd pick through and resell all of the finer things, but all of the rest of the stuff that he couldn't figure out what to do with, he's save for these garage sales. It was fun, but I wouldn't have wanted to keep all of that junk around in my garage waiting to sell it.

Today I had to go to the vet. We took Ollie/Oliver, our grey and white half sphynx half cornish kitty to the vet because he was limping and I was sure he must have broken his foot. No one believed me, not Esther, not Irma, not even the vet, until they x-rayed it and sure enough, a clean break just above his sweet little paw. He's lying on my bed now trying to figure out how to gnaw or rip off the splint. The other reason we had to go to the vet was to take Coco, my dearly loved brown Burmese man in. He collapsed this morning and looked like he was going to die. I was going to wait and take Ollie in tonight because he seemed fine and was playing around even though he was limping but when I saw Coco I just flew out the door with them. I really didn't think he would live but I just called the vet so I could know how he's doing before I go to bed and they said he's sitting up and looking around which is a super good sign. Earlier he was so weak and sick he was just laying on his side with his eyes barely open. It looks like he has diabetes on top of his kidney disease. Oh man, big huge sigh.

Okay well, that's more enough for you to chew on for a while. I hope you're all happy and well. I've missed chatting with you and reading your journals. I'll have some more time to check back in this Friday, I hope. Tomorrow will be another squeezey day with bill paying with Mother's secretary and Esther coming over to motivate me to finish the damned office.

Please say a prayer for Coco?

Love you guys,

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