Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello Everyone,

Here are some pictures of the gang. Lili'i wearing her new collar and standing on my bed. Ollie licking his new cast that we all signed, (he did break his foot, poor little monkey man,) and some of our buddies hanging out in one of their beds downstairs.

Here are Irma's kids and Andrea. Little Monica is sitting on the right with George next to her, then Andrea, and Jackie is sitting behind them. My poor Moe, I didn't notice how badly George was holding him until right after I snapped this shot.

Andrea went home because she can't be around all of the cats for too long, but the rest of the kids are here for a slumber party with their cute little dog Muneca. Everyone is wearing PJs, even Muneca, who is wearing this cute little baby bed jacket that I bought for her at the Rose Bowl.

Scott's coming over soon and we're going to get naked and snuggle under the covers and listen to Art Bell, yeay. I'm trying to keep my energy going here but its definitely flagging. I just started taking a medication for my insulin resistance and I'm waiting for the barfing and the stomach upset to kick in, so far so good though, wish me luck.

Oh and most importantly, Coco is doing really well. After two days on IV solution and antibiotics he perked up enough to have dental surgery and it turns out that he had really severe periodontal disease. We knew he had bad teeth but we were waiting for him to get well enough to have surgery, it was a kind of Catch 22 sort of thing, but now he's going to be fine, I hope. Thanks for your kitty prayers.

Okay well, I'm off to try to slog through some more of my eBay auction e-mail. I am so praying I get through this night without barfing.


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