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Seventeen Pet Pigs, Acting Dreams, E-mail Worries, and Ooky Personal Health Stuff : )

I love these googly eyed cards so much, here are two more that I bought on eBay. I edited the cowboy one for you so it won't take so long to load.

I saw a show on Animal Planet that cheered me up a bit today, although it came right on the heels of a show that had made me really sad, a story about a couple whose beloved animal friends had all burned to death in a fire in their home. The show I liked was about this couple who love pigs and have seventeen of them as pets. Their whole lives revolve around the care of these little or rather big piggies. The pigs have pig houses for when they're outside and they also have individual pig beds and pens inside the house as well. Pigs are soooo smart, I know this from personal experience and I just can't imagine eating their flesh, but I won't go into that today. What cheered me up about the show is that if these guys can live with their seventeen pigs inside their house, and be happy, and wind up being profiled on an Animal Planet show, then why am I always so down on myself for having so many cat friends, and having to make so many accommodations in order to be able to live semi-comfortably with all of them?

Today's goal is to get through as much of my eBay e-mail as possible, when you consider that each item you bid on can generate upwards of five e-mails, and I might bid on ten postcards with a single bidder, you can get an idea of how much of this communication-channel-clogging e-mail I have to deal with.

I was finishing up a search I was doing yesterday, for a lamp and lamp shade designer, who makes the most beautiful shades I've ever seen, and somehow I wound up at this Canadian long distance learning site Universite Virtuelle Canadienne. I'm interested in taking distance learning courses (although when I'd have the time is anyone's guess), and I liked this page that has lots of useful info for college writers. I thought I'd share it with some of my younger LJ pals, well I guess you don;t have to be younger for it be of use but I just know there are lots of college going folks around these parts and maybe it's useful, who knows.

Man, if any of you want to help me search for this designer I would be so grateful. I'm trying to find contact information for this woman who designs these amazing reconstructed vintage and repro lamps and their shades. They're sort of Victorian in feel with all of the fabric and beading but like nothing you've seen in craft magazines or on the net. She uses the finest vintage fabrics and bead trims, and they cost thousands of dollars. I've always wanted one and I thought maybe if I could find her and remind her that I used to sell in the same antique mall that she did, and that I was friendly with her partner and bought lots of things from her, that maybe we could work something out, or maybe she teaches. I need to make a terrific shade for my sexy swinging hipped hula gal lamp that I bought at an antique store in Hawaii. I've been covering shades with lace and vintage buttons and adding trim but I would like to learn how she does it. There is a woman out there who has a book and I may wind up getting that but I'd really like to meet this talented woman. All I know is that her name is Kathy Cade but I don't have a clue how she spells it or where she lives. Can you guys think of other ways to spell this? Cathy Caid, Kathy Cayd...?

I had some really intense dreams about acting last night. I was in a play with a director I love and care about but who I haven't seen in a long while, and I was about to go on and had to remember my lines, but knew there were some obscure chunks of the play I still hadn't memorized. I have this dream pretty frequently, it's a lot like the uh oh I'm at school and I'm naked dream that lots of have. I remember that I was so glad to be working again, so happy that I felt like crying, and there was a vital part of me that felt full, filled in a way that only acting makes me feel. I felt so confident and sure of my talent and was sooooo incredibly happy to be among a theatre family again. I loved the people I was working with so much. We were just the best of friends and such a committed team, self sacrificing, decent, kind, talented, and in love with eachother and the experience of performing this play. It was just the best of what theatre can be. I miss that so much.

I've decided to put the more personal details of my adjustment to this new insulin resistance helping medication behind the cut feature so people won't have to have chat about stomach and intestinal complaints show up on their friends list. I won't censor nudity but I kind of feel like sparing you this. It's not that bad just kind of ooky and personal.

Today is my fourth day on this new medication (Glucophage XR) and the wretched colic has hit me. I have been eating so well but yesterday I didn't have any lunch and by dinner I felt so hungry that I overdid it and had two pieces of veggie quiche, one small piece of strawberry pie, and one piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. What was I thinking? Afterwards I felt so full and awful that if not for the compassion I feel for my bulimic friends I swear I would have made myself sick just to be free of all of this food. Now I'm the diarrhea queen. I remember the last time I took this medication, it was a different version and you're right this one is much better, but I was sick like this for two months. Yeah I definitely lost weight but frankly who wouldn't on the diarrhea diet?

And for Olivia, since you were wanting me to talk about my fibrolusciousness - I was thinking about you this morning when I was listening to DR. Laura, (yes, sometimes I listen to her because I like talk radio and even though she pisses me off a lot, and I do mean a lot, there are times when she makes some sense, especially as it pertains to shitty husbands, partners, and fathers), and she was talking about this cuddle me foamy bed thing. Have you heard of it? Do you think it would help? I've thought about it but it just seems like one more thing to hassle with.

I also wanted to tell you that I use lots of pillows to try to ease the pain so I can sleep but I bet you do that too. I have to have two between my legs, one for my knees and thighs, and one for my calves and ankles, one behind my back, one or two to drape my arms over, of course one for my head, I usually use a wheat hull pillow there, something to cup my hand around, because the pain eases up somehow when I have something round and warm to gently hold, and something to cover my eyes. I just don't like to write about this stuff because I'm conscious of how personal and detailed and boring it might seem to people so I just try to focus on what seems interesting. Maybe I've been wrong.

Okay off I go to begin the e-mail grind again.


Oh and Priscilla let me pet her today and rubbed up against me but I still don't trust her completely, she is one scary kitty, probably because she's just so scared and traumatized.

PS: Oh My God I just heard on the radio that the FBI and the police believe that a warning they received saying that, "Your children are not safe anywhere anytime," is from the sniper. God I hate this guy. Maybe I should pray/meditate/white-light-surround him instead. Poor people having to live with this near their homes and stores and schools! I'd be soooo freaked out if this was happening here near my home. I would home school Beau and never go out. Let the Pink Dot guys and the Pizza Delivery People take all the risks, cowardly of me non?

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