Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Art Bell, Priscilla the Crazy Cat, Scott and the Big Spiderman Pinata

Lovely Theda Bara.

Damnit, Art Bell just retired...again...so sad. I swear if he comes back again I'm not going to let myself get attached. It's just the perfect hook for my abandonment issues. He comes, he leaves, he comes, he leaves, he comes again...and then he leaves, again. I understand his reasons and I feel really sorry for him but I like him so much and I can't stand the sense of loss I feel when he goes. Plus I really hate the way he took off the last time, where he wiped out everything on his website, removed all of his pictures, the boards, and archived shows. And I don't like that we were encouraged to get close to his replacement and then he disappeared so completely that we don't know what happened to him, and the same thing happened with anything having to do with him on the website.

Scott was here for a little while tonight and we were reading a book to Beau when he left. I kept reading until we were both tired so we cuddled and then I fell asleep with him and woke up at two and remembered I had auctions to check on. Spooky has been crying at the door. She wants me to get up and take her with me into my room to bed.

The lady who gave me poor Priscilla the upset cat, wrote an e-mail asking how she's doing. I missed that she said Priscilla is feisty but will become loving once she trusts you. That's not what she said at the shelter. She said she was really sweet. I love her already and have already become attached because that's how I am with animules, I just can't help it. I dread her wanting to take Priscilla back just as much as I dread the idea of her staying with us.

Best memory of today or well, yesterday - When I was sitting here at my computer and Jorge was sitting on the floor next to me playing with a little toy and Monica was sitting next to him and Jacky came in and asked me to help her with her homework. Second best was when Scott came up the stairs and got his feelings hurt because he wanted to contribute to our Halloween yard and had brought a great big Spiderman Pinata and I was sort of thrown by the prospect of trying to incorporate this fluffy friendly light weight red and blue birthday pinnate into our black and orange spooky Halloween decor. He was being so sweet, this was a huge risk for him, and I was so awkward and confused. Beau is thrilled of course and has taken the pinata into his room and we won't be busting it open for candy any time soon since he thinks it would be mean to do to it.

And look at this gorgeous cheongsam I lost out on. I wanted it so badly, but I could barely afford the reserve and someone outbid me by five dollars, waaaaaaa.

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