Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

NaNoWriMo begins

National November Writing Month begins! Four thousand one hundred and thirty-eight words. La la la la la la la la la. I am dancing and twirling, jumping and bouncing about, well, in my head that is. The bad part of this is that I don't feel so much like writing in here, blah. Oh well. My outline was around one thousand nine hundred so my goal for today was to hit four thousand. I doubt I'll be able to write a steady two thousand words every single day in order to reach my fifty-thousand word count goal so this will give me a tiny head start. Yeay, I'm so happy, I could almost get up and walk on my treadmill, almost.

My dear ol' friend Mary told me not to worry at all about it being good, to just spit it out, and that most first drafts are so bad they're worse than spider puke. Spider puke, isn't that a terrific expression. Although with spiders and their shiny silken webs, spider puke might actually be something pretty to marvel over.

I'm amazed that Halloween has come and gone. We made it through another one. It was so overwhelming and congested at some times last night that I wondered why I do it. Esther's son, my beloved adopted nephew Eduardo, and I did most of the candy passing out. I rarely got a break and it was hard work. I had bought hundreds of glow stick bracelets on eBay to give out to the kids and they were a huge hit. But they came in tubes and required snapping, shaking, and assembling. As quickly as we could make a few dozen and pass them, out we needed to assemble more. It go so we were making them to order as kids crowded around my little round table on the porch and shouted out color requests. "I want a pink one because I'm a ballerina." "Yours should be green because you're a monster," and so on. It was a lot of fun though.

At one point, at our most heavily visited, we had a line going from my porch, down my walkway, and all across the front of the yard. People were crowded three deep just to get a look at the garden and flashes kept going off as they posed for pictures. I swear I had no idea that we were that interesting. Exciting, fun, and colorful, but not so unusual that we would attract that much attention. It seems sad to me that more people don't get involved in the spirit of things. Halloween is such a terrific holiday. I've said this before but when else can you go up to a stranger's door, knock or ring, have them open it, compliment you on your attire, smile at you, hand you candy and wave happily as you walk away, as if you're doing them a favor? It just doesn't get any better than that.

There were sooo many cute little kids. Some of the costumes were amazing. I always buy a few special gifts for my best friends who visit or drop in, gifts for my favorite kids and costumes, and maybe a dear neighbor or two. This year I bought a few pumpkin candles that came wrapped in these pretty baskets with ribbons. My favorite costume of the night was this really cute twelve or thirteen year old girl who came dressed as some kind of glitter pimp with a fake fox fur jacket and tons of jewelry, spangles, a fro, and the best glittered discoey sunglasses. It sounds kind of typical but you would have had to have seen it to understand. It was just the panache of it, she had such terrific style. She came with a friend who was dressed as Foxy Brown or Cleopatra but poor Foxy paled by comparison. It was hard to get up with all the glow sticks candy and people everywhere but I chased her down the walkway and around the corner and gave her a pumpkin candle present, she was that cute. My second favorite were the little girls who came dressed as geishas and Mulan. Oh man gimme one of those. I want a tiny little Asian beauty with those cute little bow tie lips and pale pink cheeks. My oh my do I want a little girl.

My friend Jen, (the olive) came by and I was sooooooooo happy to see her. She brought over a Jeannette Alexander that she had managed to buy on eBay that I had somehow missed. God what an angel, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. There was my Mom sitting on the porch and Jen brings us one of her dresses. Too wonderful and kind. I was able to break away and rush upstairs to get her tin lithograph wind up rearing horsey and some of the horse postcards that I had bought for her on eBay.

Later my friend Susan came by and sat with us for a while on the porch and that was super wonderful too. I hardly ever get to see her. By then everything had kind of come to a sudden and shuddering halt and we were just sort of collapsing in a heap on the porch when she came to visit.

It's sad because it all goes by so fast it's hard to gather it up and savor it. Irma was kind enough to videotape things so I'll beg her for a copy. She's been busy videotaping everything around here lately and I love that she does that. I have so much more to tell you, so much more to describe, but it's getting late and I'm so weary of writing and sitting here. I promised my young impressionable son and his friend Steven that I would take them to see Jackass the movie, I'm such a good Mom... or maybe I'm a bad one, I can't really tell on this subject. The subject of seeing naughty movies.

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